Keep your dog entertained & out of trouble this holiday

Provide pets with safe alternatives to holiday foods

Around the holidays, your dog can get into many types of mischief. From begging for table scraps, to barking at guests. It’s only natural for pets to be curious about what may be happening around the holidays, but it can be a safety issue if your pet gets anxious or eats unfamiliar food accidentally given by a relative or friend.

If you are throwing a holiday party, your guests may cause your dog some anxiety, which could lead to destructive behavior like chewing on furniture. On the other hand, your dog may smell the delicious goodies coming from the kitchen, and beg for “human” food that can cause an upset tummy.  So keeping your dog occupied is key to avoiding unwanted problems around the holidays.

Kong Classic dog toy and Easy Treat

For dog parents, a great solution is the Kong Classic Dog Toy & Kong Easy Treat. Kong toys are rubberized and have an unpredictable bounce, and the truth is, pets have loads of fun with them. Add the Kong Easy Treat right inside, and these toys are a must have. All you have to do is purchase the right size for your dog (small, medium, or large) and fill the hole inside the toy with either the bacon & cheese or peanut butter flavor treat. The trick is to make sure you fill the hole with just enough treat so your dog is occupied for hours, and satisfied with a tasty treat–which means less begging.

What an easy way to stop worrying about your pet this holiday and start thinking about your guests!

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