Keep your indoor cat entertained with the Kong Kickeroo

Toys can keep your cat occupied and out of trouble

It’s natural for cats to wrestle, stalk and pounce on prey. However, for indoor cats, stalking prey outdoors doesn’t come easily, and objects in your home may become the “victim.” Also, some cats become aggressive if he or she isn’t allowed to indulge in these instinctual needs.

Luckily, toys are a great way to keep an indoor cat occupied and out of trouble, but finding the right toy for your cat can be a challenge. Cats are very independent and can lose interest easily. That’s why it’s important to find a toy that keeps your cat entertained and helps reduce aggressive behavior.

The Kong Kickeroo is catnip filled

The Kong Kickeroo with Catnip is an interactive cat toy filled with premium catnip that most cats love. It promotes much needed exercise for indoor cats. The soft, long body is ideal for cats to hug and wrestle, and is even good for a little hind-paw kicking. The wiggly tail allows for exciting stalking and pouncing. The Kickeroo comes in two distinctive colors and patterns; all you have to do is choose which one you think your cat will like better!

Here is a little tip: For extra fun, rub the outside of the Kickeroo with catnip, your cat will love it!

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