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How to treat tear staining

One of the toughest pet grooming challenges to master is that of tear stain removal. When a cat or dog experiences excessive tearing, called Epiphora, staining of the fur around the eyes, nose and mouth can result. This is due to porphyrins, a compound in the tears that reacts with light creating a reddish-brown, rusty looking stain.

Excessive tearing can also result in a build up of mucus and matting of the fur that collects dust and foreign material. All of this debris can cause your pet eye irritation and even infection. Of course, pets with white or light-colored fur show this staining even more than darker colored cats and dogs.

What causes tear staining in pets?

Excessive tearing is sometimes caused by congenital conditions like eyelashes that turn inwards or eyelids that turn outwards. However, it’s best to have your pet’s eyes examined by your vet to be sure there isn’t an underlying treatable cause. Allergies, clogged tear ducts or scratched corneas are also leading culprits.

How to treat tear stains topically

Chronic tear staining can make an otherwise happy, healthy and fun-loving pet appear sad or even unwell. Keeping the eye area clean and free of crusty or gooey mucus is the first step to help battle stubborn tear stains. Use a product like presoaked, textured Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes to carefully remove debris from around your pet’s eyes and in the nose folds of some breeds like pugs, shar peis, etc. Angels’ Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes are formulated with Juniper Berry Oil, which naturally helps to diminish the appearance of tear stains and brighten the fur.  White pets can also benefit from bathing with Be Bright White Shampoo to help remove stains and yellowing of white coats.

How to treat tear staining from the inside out

Sprinkling tear stain powder over your pet’s  favorite food is another way to help reduce the appearance of tear stains…from the inside out. Natural plant powders like Cranberry Powder, Olive Leaf Powder, Eyebright Powder and Marshmallow Root Powder, as found in Angels’ Eyes Plus, can help reduce the “rusty” appearance. This new formulation contains no antibiotics, wheat, soy or artificial colors, so it’s ideal for pets with allergies.

You may also want to consider giving your pet distilled water instead of tap water that may contain excessive minerals and/or impurities. If you choose distilled water, make sure to give your pet a good multivitamin such as Super Vitachews to replace only the minerals your pet needs. As well, a clean diet consisting mainly of natural 100% meat-based pet foods with as few other ingredients as possible may help.

Help your pet’s inner beauty shine outwardly by addressing the causes of excessive tear staining, as well as using gentle, natural products formulated specifically to help tear stains.

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