[New Product] DVM Feline Joint Gel keeps your cat in the game

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Cats love to jump, stalk, stretch and pounce. They seem to defy the laws of physics when they’re just playing around. Even though extreme flexibility is natural for cats, years of activity can take a toll on joints and cartilage. Without proper nutritional support, joints may become stiff and painful in later years.

Joint problems can take the spring out of your cat’s step

Joint problems can cause adult cats to become less active, which can also lead to lethargy and weight gain. A lack of physical activity and/or becoming overweight can negatively affect your cat’s overall health.

If your cat becomes unable to jump up to a favorite window sill or to a comfy spot on the sofa next to you, it can really impact his or her quality of life.

Giving your cat joint supplements regularly can help keep joints healthy at any age. Now there is an easy way to help support your cat’s joint health with a tasty gel cats love.

Advanced support for your cat’s joints and cartilage

DVM Feline Joint Gel is a poultry and tuna flavored gel that supports healthy joint function and strengthens cartilage in cats.

Key ingredients such as Glucosamine, Perna Canaliculus, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and MSM work together to keep joints flexible and support connective tissue.

Antioxidants in DVM Feline Joint Gel also promote cellular health and scavenge harmful free radicals.

This tasty gel can be given directly by mouth, mixed with food or even applied to your cat’s fur or paw to be licked off. It comes in a generous 5-ounce tube with a convenient flip cap for easy administration.


Buy DVM Feline Joint Gel at 1800PetMeds

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