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Find Flea5x Plus generic to Frontline Plus at 1800PetMeds

As pet parents, we take on many responsibilities when we open our hearts and our homes to a loving pet in need of a family. While love and affection are delightfully free, the cost of keeping your pet healthy and protected from fleas, ticks and other parasites continues to grow. We always want to give our pets the very best, but it can be tough financially. Finding ways to save on the necessities without sacrificing quality means you can do more for your pet for less. Savings becomes especially important when you have more than one pet to care for!

Save money with products that are comparable to top brands

Using “generic” products is a great way to provide your pet with the same quality ingredients as top name brands without the high price. When you’re shopping for less expensive alternatives to pricey brands, first look for those that say something like “Same active ingredients as (name brand)” or “Compare to (name brand)”.

Next, compare the ingredients on the generic product to those of the name brand product. If the ingredients and their amounts match up, you may have found a great, money-saving alternative to that pricier brand. However, there are other factors you may want to consider, such as:

  • Is the maker of the less expensive brand trust-worthy?
  • Are there reviews of the product available online?
  • Does the maker of the product have a good reputation?
  • Will you have the opportunity to return the item for a refund if you aren’t happy with it?

Flea5X Plus as a money-saving alternative to Frontline Plus

1-800-PetMeds Flea5X PlusFor example, a great new way to save on high-quality flea and tick protection for cats and dogs is with 1-800-PetMeds Flea5X Plus. This convenient topical flea and tick preventative contains the same ingredients as the very popular Frontline Plus, at just a fraction of the price.

You can save up to $50 by using Flea5X Plus instead of Frontline Plus, and be confident that you are providing your pet with the same effective protection against fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. Flea5X Plus for Dogs also kills the mites that cause sarcoptic mange in dogs. And when you buy Flea5X Plus, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a product that is guaranteed 100%…or your money back.

Providing the best of care for your pet can be done at an affordable price with a little research and the help of affordable alternatives like Flea5X Plus.

Buy Flea5X Plus at 1800PetMeds

Try Flea5X Plus FREE!

We’re giving away 10 boxes of Flea5X Plus to 10 readers (one box each) who are interested in reviewing the product for us! For an opportunity to be a reviewer and receive the free product, leave a comment below telling us:

  • What type of pet you have (dog or cat)
  • Your pet’s weight
  • Why you are interested in reviewing Flea5X Plus

The winners will be chosen on 06/11/2015. Good luck!

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  1. Pet parent of one dog and seven cats living on a very limited budget and only wants the best to keep my girls happy and healthy !!!

  2. My dog Baby weighs 38 lbs 3 cats 9lbs 1cat 13 lbs 1 cat 6lbs 2 cats 7lbs

  3. My dog Snow weighs 4,8 lbs. I’m interested in reviewing the product because it’s manufactured in the USA, compared to Frontline Plus that’s manufactured in France. It could be a great generic product, with a cheaper price.

  4. Aha sounds quite promising. I think I have to try this. I’m just afraid of its label coz its not Merial after all

  5. Why can’t I find Flea5X for cats?

  6. I have 2 dogs over 20 lbs. Costs for our animals care add up quickly. I would like to try to see if really works.

  7. I have a 65 pound, almost three-year-old, black labrador named Ryder. He is teh definition of a true lab. He is super water obsessed and loves to go on adventures with me. I would love to try out and review Flea5X Plus as Ryder is one active boy who is constantly out in the woods horseback riding with me and in tick-heavy areas.

  8. We have a 110 lb. Cane Corso, Rouge as well as two 12 lb. rescue cats, Spunky and Bolt. As an outdoors family, it is very important that our furbabies are protected from fleas and ticks. Our cats walk the neighborhood with us and Rogue every morning and evening which makes for some great conversations with our neighbors. We would love to try and review Flea5XPlus for any of our guys and see if it really works as well as Frontline Plus, which we have used for years! Also love that it is manufactured in the USA.

  9. I have been very disappointed in Frontline Plus. Last year it did not keep fleas off my little Pom/Japanese Chin mix. I applied monthly and fleas continued to be a problem. Groomer even told me she found several on him when grooming. I would love to try something different and as a senior, living on social security, the cost reduction would be an added plus.

  10. I am curious about this Cathy. I do believe that some ticks are almost immune to Frontline. I am trying a different type with the same active ingredients in it and those are Flea5X and I think PetArmor Plus. I also by ALL my stuff online and Jet.com is my go to site. The vets take a HUGE chunk out for themselves. Good luck to you

  11. I am the proud mama of 2 dogs, one kitty, one rabbit and a lizard.
    Fleas are an issue at our house. I have tried every product and nothing works all that well.
    I’d love to try this product on my pups who weigh between 12lbs. – 17lbs.
    I am so tired of spending money on products that don’t work. Maybe yours will.
    I also like that it is manufactured here in the US.

  12. We are in search of a flea and tick product that is safe, effective and reasonably priced. Our Great Dane, Zia, is (8) yrs. old and weights in at 130 lbs. Her job is to patrol the property, bark, eat and sleep. Her only “demand” is to be loved and be flea and tick free.

  13. I have the same story. I have 2 rescue dogs, 2 rescue cats, and 2 rescue sheep. One of my cats just had kittens. I have tried
    to educate friends and neighbors on being responsible with their animals. Sometimes it works and sometimes I end up with them. It gets expensive. Thank you

  14. I ordered the FLEA 5X PLUS for my sweet Win poodle 14 lbs. I followed all directions. The next morning he was throwing up white foam. I bathed him and he died in my arms after staggering all over the house. When I notified Pet Med they refunded the money…I am still crying!

  15. I am a pet parent of an 8 lb Yorkshire terrier, a 14 lb pug/ pekingese mix, and an 11 lb bob-tailed tabby cat. I am interested in trying this new generic medication for my animals because Front-line is ridiculously overpriced. I personally take medication and use the generics and I am satisfied with the results and price, so i feel that a generic flea med would hopefully suffice for my babies. : )

  16. Hello there,
    I appreciate you doing this contest!!!
    I’d love to try a less expensive alternative flea treatment because I’ve been unemployed for a while (health stuff).
    I paid $132.46 for 6 months (12 doses) on 1-800-petmeds.
    Last year we had a very bad flea infestation & had to pay $350 for an exterminator.
    My two fur babies are indoors cats so we were caught off guard.
    We think we brought them in on our clothes from friends who had an even worse infestation.
    Anywho, thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Wife and I in 60’s…we have a brand new kitty and would love for him to be flea free…we can’t afford frontline meds and would like to see if Flea 5x is effective at its price point which would make treatment an affordable alternative to nothing at all…TYVM

  18. Lacy-Jane ComptonJune 7, 2020 at 3:40 am

    Husband and I have one Dog baby girl and she is half Shiatsu and half Jack Russel Terrier. Weighs in at 17lbs. For the last 3 months our dogs has been tortured by fleas. We can’t find anything that works for her and the Flea5X Plus sounds promising. We have to find something soon. I am disabled and confined to the bedroom and the fleas are eating us both up.

  19. Both the cat and dog formulas are good. I recommend washing all bedding and giving the dogs a bath with dish soap before the first use.

  20. I’d like to try the Flea 5X plus as my son feeds and keeps a stray which is so sweet and gentlle, but we want him to be heathy and his house to be safe! It’s a large grey (maine coon looking) cat which was obviously somebody’s pet before and for whatever reason she is now a stray. She is at LEAST 10 lbs if not more!!! We had her fixed after her last litter, so she gained weight! Would love to review Flea 5X as a Stray Pet Parent!

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