[New Product] How to take the howl out of Halloween

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Being spooked and startled is all in good fun at Halloween. We welcome little ghosts and goblins to our doors and even reward them for scaring us. From the point of view of a dog or cat, however, the experience may be confusing. All of this strange activity can cause some pets to become anxious and frightened. So, what’s the best way to deal with Halloween heebie jeebies?

How to deal with pet anxiety

When pets get nervous, they may react by behaving defensively, crying or hiding. Many pet parents try to keep their pets sequestered away from the holiday commotion. This can be even more upsetting for pets, making them feel helpless or left out of the festivities. This combination of fear and separation anxiety can result in scratching on doors and floors, inappropriate urination, barking and whining.

Not long ago, the only option pet parents had to comfort a terrified pet was a pat on the head and verbal reassurance or using veterinary medication for anxiety. Sometimes anxiety medication is a necessity. Other times, all your pet needs is a natural way to take away pet anxiety without the impact of a full-strength tranquilizer.

Fortunately, we now have more gentle and effective options to help our pets through difficult times.

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Tomlyn Relax & Calm Chews

Tomlyn’s Relax & Calm Chews is an ideal way to offer your pet a tasty treat that will safely and effectively relieve pet anxiety.

They’re also a great way to ease separation anxiety in dogs and cats when you have to be away from home longer than usual.

These yummy, bite-sized chews are made with ingredients that have a natural calming effect, including L-tryptophan, the amino acid found in turkey that gives us that blissfully relaxed feeling after Thanksgiving dinner. Relax & Calm Chews also contain chamomile and ginger for even more soothing relief from acute stress.

Amid the happy excitement of Halloween celebrations and activities, it’s easy to forget that our pets may not fully understand the concept of scary fun. Be prepared with a treat that’s easy to give and eases your pet’s stress for a fun and safe Halloween. For more Halloween related pet tips, read our article Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Pet.

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