Safety first! Owning a pet first aid kit

Be prepared for any emergency with a pet first aid kit

Even though it’s not a pleasant thought, there are many ways your pet can get hurt. Whether you are at the dog park, or at home in your own back yard, your pet can easily get injured. Jumping, running and playing with other pets is a common way pets can get hurt. And not having a plan or the means to help your injured pet could mean all the difference in a quick recuperation.

Pet first aid kit

That’s why it’s important as a pet parent to own a Pet First Aid Kit. A first aid kit for pets can hold so many useful items like gauze, bandages, scissors, and even an ice pack. Luckily, the Canine Friendly Pet First Aid Kit carries all these essential items, plus more! The durable canvas bag not only holds all the items you need in case of a pet emergency, but it also has a place for important information like your vet’s name and phone number. So if your pet sprains an ankle on the trail, or gets a wound at the dog park, you will always be prepared.

Even if hopefully you never have to use it, everyone should have a first aid kit. This Pet First Aid Kit also comes with a manual to help you navigate through your pet’s needs whether you need help tying a bandage or applying an ice pack. Keep a pet first aid kit handy for everyday use, whether you are an avid hiker, or if you love to take your pet to the dog park. Every pet parent should own at least one pet first aid kit, if not two. Keep one at home in a drawer and another one in your car.

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