Reduce your dog’s upset tummy symptoms with probiotics

Probiotics are also good for your dog's immune system

Probiotics have become quite popular with humans and pets alike. However, many of us are a little sketchy as to what probiotics actually do. Well, probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your dog’s digestive tract and help aid digestion.

You may be thinking, “Ok, so this is all great news, but why does my pet need a probiotic?” The answer is simple. Probiotics help keep your dog’s digestive tract and immune system in top-notch shape. Giving your pet a probiotic can help support a healthy lifestyle by warding off bad bacteria that can cause digestive upset like vomiting and diarrhea.

FortiFlora helps promote intestinal health

Probiotics like Purina FortiFlora contain a special strain of probiotics to help promote intestinal health in dogs. In fact, it contains active live cultures and vitamins, and it is vet recommended. That’s not all–FortiFlora also helps promote a healthy immune system in dogs, which we all know is essential for the wellbeing of our dogs. You can use FortiFlora to help promote daily stomach health, as well as use it during situations that have been known to cause intestinal upset including boarding and diet changes. Plus, it’s really simple to use; you just sprinkle a little on top of your pet’s food!

Although giving your pet probiotics may not be something you are used to doing, probiotics can help keep your dog healthy and happy! Remember, it’s always best to check with your vet before giving your dog any new supplements or medications.

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