“Rock” your pet’s world!

If your dog doesn't  enjoy wearing a costume, consider a Halloween collar charm

Does your pet hate to wear a costume for Halloween, but still want to be in the Halloween spirit? Well, there is a solution… the Rockin’ Doggie Pewter Collar Charm. No longer does your precious pet have to get anxiety about those adorable Halloween costumes, when the only thing needed is a pewter pumpkin charm to hang out with ghouls and goblins.

Help your pet enjoy the Halloween festivities with a cool collar charm

Dogs and cats of all ages can wear the Rockin’ Doggie Pewter Collar Charm, and it’s easy to use. Just clip the charm right into your pet’s I.D. tag and your cat or dog is all set. The charm is made in the USA with 100% lead-free pewter, and is inscribed on the back with the words, Trick or Treat. Now every trickster that comes to your door will be greeted with your pet’s lovely “jewelry.” You can also take your pet with you trick-or-treating to show off his or her new charm; just don’t let your pet eat any candy!

Stock up for upcoming holidays because not only does the pewter collar charm come in pumpkin shape, but also flag, cupcake, candy cane, and heart. This Halloween don’t let your pet’s neckline go unadorned!

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