Safer, slower meal times with Gobble Stoppers

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Does your dog seem to eat like each meal is a race to the finish line? Some dogs enjoy meal time so much that they gobble down their food too fast. Although it may seem like a harmless habit, speed eating can actually pose a danger to your pet’s health. Fortunately, there is a way to put the brakes on your dog’s chow time for better digestion.

Dangers of speed eating

When dogs eat too fast, they often swallow large amounts of food without chewing it properly. This can result in postprandial (after-meal) vomiting, choking or abdominal bloating. Bloating can in turn lead to gastric dilation volvulus, where the stomach will rotate or twist. This can result in a serious health emergency. Stomach twisting can create a blockage of blood flow to the heart or other areas of your dog’s body, which may send your pet into shock or even result in death.

Gobble Stoppers – the slow feeding solution

Gobble Stoppers

Gobble Stoppers is an easy, affordable way to slow your dog’s eating. This cute, bone-shaped apparatus instantly turns any ceramic, plastic or stainless steel feeding bowl into a slow feeder.

Just press the strong suction-cup base into the bottom of your pet’s feeding dish and it instantly creates an obstacle, which slows the rate at which your dog is able to eat up to 500%.

Gobble Stoppers are top rack dishwasher-safe and easy to remove using the attached pull-tab. It is made of non-toxic, BPA-free durable plastic and comes in small, medium and large sizes.

Slow your eager eater down to a healthy mealtime pace with the help of Gobble Stoppers, the slow feeding alternative.

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  1. My dog eats her food quickly so this would be perfect for her

  2. Pooh, my rescue Chihuahua eats so fast his food is gone before I even put it on the ground and he’s off to see who else he can help eat theirs. I actually try to spread his food all over the ground so he’ll eat it slower because he makes this horrific hoover noise as he inhales. This would be perfect for him.
    Thank you,
    Lisa Popovic

  3. I have 2 small dogs that both wolf down their meal and look and me as if to say, is that all. I have tried putting a ball in the dish but they are too smart and toss it out. Have tried 2 different styles of dishes to slow them down but no great success. The one you are offering as a prize really has promise. HELP!!

  4. my dogs gobble up fast so to beat out others to food. large be great. 3 dogs eat fast.

  5. My Penny can scarf down 1 1/2 cups of food in about 2 minutes i don’t know why she is always hungry. she gets a high quality of food she would benefit from this is she wins .

  6. My dog will literally inhale food without even chewing it. He gets so choked up sometimes, so this seems like a great thing to have!

  7. I have 2 dogs and both of them speed eat and both almost choke a lot while eating. I have to watch them like a hawk and I don’t feel they are safe when they are eating.

  8. My Boston eats like she never ate before. She is a rescue so I don’t know if that was part of her history. I’ve tried lots of slow down bowls but she isn’t fazed. Still eating without even chewing. A small gobble stopper might do the trick.

  9. Daisy (my 8 yr old Jack Russell) flies down the stairs the second she hears her bowl hit the floor in the morning and eats it all up without hesitating. She’d need the small bowl.

  10. My dog Smokey is a rescue Pitt Bull who just can’t seem to slow down no matter what. This sounds perfect for him!

  11. Raleigh, my 112 lb. golden retriever will eat so fast I say he inhales it, he actually drools, drips while getting food ready. He could use a large gobble stopper.

  12. Both my dogs speed eat now I know why they puke.

  13. we have a gobbler named Max, he is a beagle and he basically inhales his food, no matter how we try to feed him its like he has never eaten before

  14. fat frankie eats to fast and sounds like a piggy when he eats

  15. Poor guy he eats so fast sometimes he inhales a piece and it sounds like he’s going to choke to death crazy!

  16. my dog molly eats like a vacuum cleaner. she just sucks her food up. She is finished before my other 2 and then she tries to eat their food also

  17. We have a large Aussie named Calvin and he has always been a speed eater. There have actually been a couple of times when I had to help him cough up food that he got stuck in his throat and that is incredibly scary. We started using three golf balls in his bowl to try and help slow him down, but this product looks like it would work much better. We would need the large size. Thanks for the chance!

  18. We have 2 dogs Sammy and Maggie. Maggie is a cockapoo and is the fastes little eater I’ve ever seen. She scarfs her food down in an instant and then tries to eat poor Sammy’s food next! We’d love to win the small size. This is such a great idea, thanks for the chance to win!

  19. my pup loves to eat fast, he often gobbles his food

  20. This would be perfect for my Burk ! He eats so fast and I don’t know how to control it , I think he thinks the cat is going to take his food . Thanks for the chance.

  21. This would be great for my dog! We actually had a little scare last week when my dog started feeling ill. We took her to urgent care thinking she had bloat. Luckily the doctor just said she was bloated. I noticed she always eats as fast as she can… Hopefully a gobble stopper will help!

  22. I have a large dog, and one of my small dogs that eat too fast. We are always worried about the large dog getting bloat, and the small dog always starts choking afterward and harassing the other dogs for their food because she finishes first. Either size would work in my house.

  23. Abby inhales her food. We add water to slow her down a little. I’d like the small if I won.

  24. My dog eats too fast that it causes him to vomit.

  25. Wow, this would be great, my dog eats so quick that she chokes, I’m not sure why she would keep doing it!!!

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