Stop cat fleas in their tracks – a NEW way

Even indoor cats can get fleas

Sure, your cat may be indoors most of the time, but that doesn’t mean he or she can’t get fleas. Many pet parents don’t realize this, but 95% of the flea population is eggs and larvae, which can live in your home and in your yard – just a few steps away from your door. Yuck!

It’s easy to get fleas in your home; they can ride along with you on your shoes! Then, those flea eggs find cozy places to hide out in your home like under the rug, in Fluffy’s bed or under YOUR bed. Fleas wait until the temperature is just right to hatch, jump on your cat and bite. And just so you know, the “right” temperature is around 70° and above, which is a pretty comfortable temperature for most homes.

Cheristin for Cats

Luckily, there is a way to stop adult fleas from biting your cat, and that’s with Cheristin for Cats. Cheristin is a flea topical for cats only. It starts killing existing fleas on your cat in thirty minutes, and it kills 98-100% of fleas within twelve hours. Cheristin is safe and effective for cats and kittens eight weeks of age or older and one dose works to control flea infestations for a whole 30 days. Even though you may think you don’t need it, giving your cat a flea preventative like Cheristin will help keep your pet healthy and safe from dangerous fleas.

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  1. I am sick to death of reading Blogs with low quality content and I am so glad that I found your article today. It has certainly cleared a lot of things up for me.

  2. treated my cat 1.5 weeks ago. He has fleas again! What’s up with that? Should I treat him again with Cheristin?

  3. I was reading a review on Capstar pills by Dr. Michael Dym. It stated using Capstar along with the sister product Program. I have looked everywhere & can’t find info on the Program anywhere. I saw a couple other reviews that mentioned it but that’s all. Please help! What can you tell me about Program? Thanks. Sincerely, Sandy Barnes

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