[New Product] Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet

Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs

Feeding a sick dog can be a challenge. When your pet has vomiting and/or diarrhea, even the highest quality food may be harsh on a sensitive stomach. During times of such acute illness, veterinarians often prescribe a bland diet. Though it sounds simple, many of us barely have time to cook for ourselves, let alone for our pets. Learn why Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs is the perfect solution to soothe upset stomachs and nourish sick pets back to good health.

What causes vomiting and diarrhea in dogs?

When your pet experiences vomiting and/or diarrhea, it may be difficult to isolate the cause. Many things can cause the expulsion of stomach contents from one end or the other.

Causes of vomiting and diarrhea in dogs include:

  • Gulping/overeating
  • Food allergies
  • Hairballs/ingestion of non-food items
  • Viral or bacterial infections
  • Cancer
  • Kidney disease
  • Reaction to medications
  • Worms and other parasites
  • Eating plants
  • Exposure to poisons/toxins

Diagnosing and treating dogs with vomiting and diarrhea

Dogs love to explore, smell and taste most everything in their surroundings. This can lead to stomach trouble and digestive imbalance. Some episodes of vomiting or diarrhea may be isolated incidents that resolve on their own. Other times, there may be a systemic illness or disorder that requires diagnosis and treatment.

Following an episode of vomiting and/or diarrhea, it is vital that you keep your pet well hydrated. Provide plenty of fresh, clean drinking water and monitor your pet to make sure he or she is urinating appropriately.

If episodes are continuous or accompany anorexia, lethargy or other signs of illness, pet parents should seek veterinary evaluation to diagnose the cause of vomiting or diarrhea as soon as possible.

When being evaluated for vomiting and diarrhea, it’s important to let your vet know if your pet is on any medications, has any allergies, or has the habit of chewing on objects like pillows, socks, shoes or houseplants.

A veterinary workup for vomiting and diarrhea may include tests like

  • X-rays to identify a foreign object in the stomach
  • Toxicology testing if poisoning is suspected
  • Fluoroscopy to evaluate how food passes through your pet’s digestive system
  • Esophagoscopy and endoscopy of the esophagus and stomach to look for ulcers, tumors or parasites
  • Food allergy testing to identify food sensitivities

Once diagnosis of the cause of vomiting/diarrhea is completed, your veterinarian may place your pet on food restrictions and recommend a bland diet until his or her digestive system is functioning properly. Medications or digestive enzymes may also be recommended.

Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs soothes agitated tummies

Buy Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs online at 1800PetMeds

When your pet’s stomach is too sensitive for his or her regular food, turn to Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs. This limited ingredient, freeze-dried bland diet is ideal for pets who are recouperating from an illness or otherwise unable to eat commercial pet food.

This easy-to-prepare meal will be easy on your dog’s delicate digestive system. Plus, it provides essential nutrients to get your pet through an acute illness and help restore normal digestive function. The only ingredients are white rice and real, 100% human-grade, white meat chicken, so you can be sure you won’t be giving your pet anything that will further aggravate an already upset stomach.

Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs is quick and easy to prepare — just add boiling water, stir and let cool to room temperature. Your dog will love the just-like-homemade taste and you will love the convenience. The U.S.A.-raised chicken rehydrates to a state very close to fresh meat in both taste and appearance. It’s like giving your dog a meal of freshly boiled poultry without all the hassle of cutting and cooking. Plus, the zippered bag lets you reseal unused portions to keep your pet’s bland diet as fresh as the day it was opened.

Each bag contains four servings for dogs weighing less than 25 lbs, three servings for dogs weighing 25-50 lbs, or 2 servings for dogs weighing over 50 lbs. Be prepared for your pet’s next bout of vomiting and diarrhea by keeping a few bags of Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs to help ease your pet back to a state of healthy digestion.




Win FREE Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs!

Would you like to have a bland diet alternative on hand for the next time your pet needs it? Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet need FREE Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs from 1800PetMeds!

We will be giving away two bags of Under the Weather Chicken & Rice Freeze Dried Bland Diet for Dogs. Two winners will be chosen at random on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congratulations to the drawing winners: Dan S and Jami R. Look for an email from us about claiming your prize. 



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  1. This would be so wonderful to have on hand if one of my Doberladies ever gets sick.

  2. My Chihuahua Mini is always having tummy issues. I’ve taken her to the vet and they can’t figure it out. Anything to make my baby feel better would be awesome

  3. My sweet boy Oden is always having an upset stomach and this would be wonderful for him.

  4. would love this for my 10 month old pup <3

  5. A great product to have when my doggie feels a little under the weather.

  6. We have 5 pups so it can get a little hectic. This would be great to have on hand in case of puppy emergency! Thanks!

  7. My dog occasionally gets upset stomach and diarrhea. She will eat out of our garbage can and get sick.

  8. I would love to have this on hand, my dog Qwee gets a upset stomach a few times a year.

  9. I have always struggled with what to feed them when they are ill..to keep their strength up. I would love to have this on hand for next time my dog has a tummy ache. Wish I would have had this on hand a couple of weeks ago!

  10. i would to be able to try this. it would be so much easier than cooking my own rice and buying organic chicken to cook. it is a great product to have on hand.

  11. Perfect for a sick pooch!

  12. This would be good to have on hand for my rescue dog. He seems to eat grass a lot to soothe his tummy. Would love to try this to see how well it works with him.

  13. Would come in handy when my dog is feeling under the weather.

  14. Hudson has always had a sensitive stomach and now being the old timer that he is (he turned 11 yesterday) it’s even worse. We are always having to back off on his regular food for a few days while his body sorts things out so this would be a great product to keep on hand.

  15. Eragon, my 10 year old and Schatze, my 8 year old puppies sometimes have stomach issues, whether running around too much, getting too excited by barking and jumping while looking at dogs outside – it would be great to have the “Under the Weather” Chicken and Rice Bland diet on hand. Like a comfort food for dogs.

  16. Our pup tends to eat things he shouldn’t…..and then have the runs. Would love to try this.

  17. I would love Under the Weather dog food!! It would make my life so much easier. I wouldn’t need to make boiled chicken and rice for my dog anymore

  18. Would love to win this chicken and rice food my dog mollie has a . Sensitive stomach. Sometimes she gets under the weather

  19. Whoever came up with this idea is awesome. I think it would be wonderful to have this on hand for when my dog was under the weather, especially if I didn’t have any chicken and rice around for her. Even if I don’t win, I think I’m going to get some! Thanks!

  20. would love to have this on hand if my dog gets sick for any reason

  21. My Sophie seems to have diarrhea about every 3 to 4 days. Vet can’t find anything wrong. I would love a chance to try this special dog food.

  22. My little Chihuahua sometimes has a “gurgling” tummy when she wakes up in the morning. She likes to run outside to eat grass. She refuses food during this time. I would like to have this product on hand to offer to her when she starts to get her appetite back a few hours later. This product is a fantastic idea!

  23. What a great idea.

  24. Would LOve to be prepared for our furbaby we love thank you for the chance

  25. From time to time our 1 year old mischievous corgi likes to get into things and accidentally eat what she’s not suppose to and will have an upset tummy. It would be great to have these on hand for those just in case moments.

  26. Sometimes my dog’s stomach can be a little upset, so this would be great to have on hand for times like that!

  27. This would be amazing to have on hand. My pug had abdominal surgery when he was little so I need to be very careful with him.

  28. It would be very handy to have just in case for emergencies

  29. Our Rajah could definitely use the comfort this product assist with. She has such tummy troubles, constipation and increasingly eating grass. It would a amazing to bring her relief.

  30. I have 2 13 year old dogs and they are beginning to have trouble with their dogfood making them sick.I would love to try this food.Thank you so much for the chance.

  31. My Roxie is 16 years old, Sometimes she gets doesn’t feel like eating for a day or two (esp in the winter)

  32. My dog domino will be 16 human years in February 2018, and she rarely get sick. But when she do I’m always wondering what to give her other than the medicine or her other food..but since I know now that this exists I would love to get my hands on some! Thank you!

  33. Always heard Chicken and Rice is the best if your pet is under the weather. Thanks for the chance to try

  34. This would make life a tad bit easier on those days my boy is acting like a terrible kid! He’s so spoiled ..

  35. I usually cook up a rice/chicken treat when our dogs are having issues, but this would certainly make it easier to provide them some comfort!

  36. This would be great to have when my pug Lily gets sick.

  37. I have 6 little dogs . 1 poodle, 1 Shih Tzu and 4 Shih Poohs. Sometimes they eat so fast cause they’re afraid of the other dogs are going to eat theirs they get sick. We try to give them rice when we make there food. I would love to try this. Thank you for the chance.

  38. Perfect timing, going through this right now with my daughters beloved beagle mix :-/ Hope she perks up soon!

  39. To help our girl feel better

  40. I have an older dog that seems to be having more incidences of stomach gurgling. I control most of her diet, but sometimes she gets a few too many treats from neighbors and she will spend the night with her stomach making all kinds of squeaking noises and the next morning eating grass. This product would be great to have on hand for when she can eat afterwards.

  41. My 10 year old beagle mix has frequent tummy troubles. This could really help him.

  42. Sounds like a helpful thing to have on hand when a dog gets sick.

  43. This would be great to have as my two big dogs experience upset stomach often here in the Phoenix AZ heat ty for the chance

  44. I have 3 fur babies. Love all of them,to the moon and back!Don’t like it when they get sick. This would make them feel better,and make me feel better as well. Just knowing that I put them at ease. Good luck to everyone!

  45. This would be great to have on hand for our 6 month old Pit/Boxer mix who gets an upset stomach at times.

  46. sounds like something that would be great to have if needed

  47. I would love to try this for my rescue dog.

  48. I have 2 Shih tzu fur babies. Their names are Violet and Lilly. Recently Lilly has been having occasional stomach gurgling noises and eating grass. Violet just yesterday didn’t seem “quite herself” and she threw up a yellowish foamy substance 4 times. I called the vet to see if I should bring them in or not. The vet recommended that I put them on a “light, bland diet” of boiled chicken and rice for a day or 2 and keep a close eye on them first to see if it helped. The bland diet seemed to help, and “did the trick”……. but it was a little more work prepping their food than I expected. This freeze dried bland dogfood diet may be the perfect solution for any future tummy problems they may have!! Thanks for the opportunity to try it!! 🙂

  49. What an Awesome opportunity to try this New Product!! My Cocker Spaniel, Jimbo, aka “Jimmie” became ill about
    three weeks ago. It distressed me greatly as I had just undergone A Major Surgery of my right foot and ankle and then my Sweet Friend became very sick with a stomach issue. He started to become nauseated, loose weight, become listless, and then to vomit. He underwent a surgical biopsy to determine what was causing these issues and it was found He had
    Inflammation of the lining of His stomach. Jimmie’s diet had to be changed and I am now buying boneless and skinless
    Chicken breasts to cook with long grain white rice for Him. As I am on a knee scooter cooking is not the easiest of tasks, however, if Your Sweet Friend is ill, you do what you must!! So this New Freezed Dried Chicken and Rice would be Awesome to try!! Thank You for The Change to try to win This New Food Product!! Sincerely, Peggy Polley!!

  50. I have a German Shepherd puppy … upset tummies are a way of life!! I would love to have this on hand.

  51. I’d love to win a bag for my GSD! It would be great to have on hand for our pup in case he has any tummy troubles. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!

  52. My poor little girl has congestive heart failure. She takes 8 different medications and sometimes, she develops an upset tummy from them. It would be nice to have this on hand to feed to her on the days when she just won’t touch her kibble or canned food.

  53. Owner of two dachshunds here. One mini at 10 years old with stomach and intestinal problems for some time. Perhaps as a supplement this would do wonders to settle her “belly”. If it did I’d promote it like all thing that are worthy!

    It would serve well for potential issues with my rescue standard dachshund who’s now 7 years old.

    I believe in being proactive, prepared and sharing good advice in life! It’s a fantastic opportunity serving loving, supportive pets.

  54. Oh my gosh you have know idea how much this product is needed. My chichuhua has life long digestive problems and is on probactic packets I buy from pet meds and cerenia and tylosin daily also. I would love to have this product on hand as he always is in need of super bland diet. He is also on sensitive dog food as well. I NEED this so bad!

  55. My Boston Lucy Loo has a sensitove dtomach amd these would be wonderful for days when she cant seem to stomach much of anything.

  56. This would be so convenient when one of my cockapoos gets sick. I have one that seems to have a sensitive tummy at times, and he loves chicken!

  57. I hate seeing my boy when he’s sick it’s so sad he get’s that look on his face like help me I don’t feel good, so I think this would not only help make him feel better but it will help me feel better knowing I’m helping him because I never know what I can do or give him when he’s sick.It’s hard on people as well as animals because animals can’t tell you when there sick let alone tell you what’s wrong so we go by there facial expression and how they lay around moping not being themselves and now we can give them this product to help make them feel better, I applaud that!!

  58. My Yorkie ,started vomiting would not eat , had to get fluids for 8 days vet said to give her ( Allie ) chicken and rice , Allie had pancreatitis it would be nice to have new chicken and rice dog food . Thanks Allie is back to normal now Phyllis

  59. My 10 year old pitbull just had his spleen removed due to a 3 inch tumor that erupted and caused him extreme pain and internal bleeding. Emergency surgery done. Tumor cancerous, so therefore his diet will be filled with nutrition at its best and until my beloved passes I would love to be able to nourish him with this diet. His name is ice and he is our baby.

  60. It would be great to have this food on hand when my labs are not feeling well.

  61. I try pedigree ! But but the Balance or Ingredients in pedigree is not all that great ! Need Help in finding a great nutrition. Robert

  62. Wonderful product to keep on hand for those just in case moments


  64. Wow! What a great product! As a Mom of a baby with IBS and a geriatric baby with a sensetive stomach who is on special digestive heath food this would be wonderful to have on hand…..

  65. My sweet baby boy has Colitis. I never know when it is going to flare up so I am not always prepared with boiled chicken and rice on hand. This would be perfect in a pinch until I can actually get something cooked for him.

  66. My two fur babies sure would need this new food when there tummy is sore. Great to know there is product made for doggies too when they are under the weather. We Thank you.

  67. My dog Jade just went through a $3000.00 emergency care when she was throwing up and had bloody diarrhea. She was diagnosed with gastritis. I would like to have a sample of this food on hand, being it was a big expense for us the first time around. I did have to make chicken and rice for her when I finally brought her home after her emergency stay.

  68. My dog Rosco eats everything when he is outside, tends to give him an upset stomach. Would love to try this product.

  69. My rescue baby is only 9 lbs. Since I adopted her 4 months ago she’s had stomach issues twice. Poor baby looks pitiful when she gets sick cause she’s so little 😣😣

  70. Sounds like a good thing to have on hand

  71. My dog has sensitivity to some foods and this would be an excellent product to have on hand if she has an episode with an upset tummy or diarrhea.

  72. My dog sometimes gets diarrhea so this should be great to have on hand.

  73. My wife rescues and fosters dogs. We have some Chihuahuas who are older ladies, sweet but have some issues. Who knows this may be an alternative to making and forcing them to eat our bland diet food. Anyway, gonna throw my hat in, good luck to all.

  74. My rescue and foster dogs would love this.

  75. Chrise, keeps biting her foot for some reason. We had shots, pills and other medication. Our vet said let’s try cone collar. Good idea, Chrise learned why we put cone collar on her. I would take it off and soon as she starting biting put it back on. Smart puppy. However a night we put it on and when we leave her for a couple of hours we put it back on. Foot looking good but not healed, as yet.

  76. My dog only eats the finest of the dog food.. it only makes sense that she has the under the weather chicken rice freeze dried diet food.

  77. It would be great for my Snowy (a half angel – half terrorist Bichon Frise) to have, especially since he’s always getting picked up as being one of the “usual suspects” and I have to go and bail him out the next day. So when he comes home he’s usually hung over, and this would really get him back on track and on his feet again. Snowy is considering going into canine drug rehab to kick his crack habit and getting his life back together again, so to have this under the weather food for him would be part of his post treatment therapy and thus be a fantastic additional regimen!! Thank you.

  78. Sandy is an older dog and gets tummy problems periodically. I cook chicken and rice for her at this time. Perhaps the freeze dried product would work and keep her teeth clean

  79. Mike is 16, will be 17 in January, occasionally has vomiting episodes from unknown reasons, curious about many things that smell good. recovers but sometimes stomach just gets upset. He would love chicken and rice after these episodes.

  80. My dog is in advance heart failure, she is taking so much medicine her tummy is always upset, having a hard time getting her to eat, I would love to give it a try!

  81. This is a must to have on hand. Didn’t know it existed but it makes sense for any responsible dog owner. I know it would work well to have on hand for my two aging doggies. Thanks for the opportunity to know about it.

  82. Finally something 4sick pups! 👍

  83. I have 3 chihuahuas,1 jackhuahua and 1 pitbull so this product would definitely be handy for my little babies.

  84. Snowball was rescued 13 years ago and is now 15 years old with a bad heart. He’s on 9 medications and many a days doesn’t want to take his meds or eat. Since his diet is already restricted the free bland food would come
    In timely and healthfully!

  85. It’s about time someone made a food for those times when our pups are under the weather and can’t eat their regular food. Thanks!

  86. It would be nice to try out

  87. My tea cup Pomeranian, is only 6.4 lbs. and is 12 yr old senior. With his such low body weight, it is serious if he doesn’t eat. I don’t always have “home made” chicken & rice prepared. How wonderful it would be to have this always ready to muse!

  88. This would be helpful whenever our little dog gets sick and cannot eat his regular food.

  89. My little boy gets sick occasionally and I do not always know what a dog should have when he is sick.

  90. I have two dogs and one of them has food allergies. This would be nice to have for the next time he gets into his brothers food and starts having tummy issues!!

  91. We should win the food because my dog is very sensitive, picky, and has allergies. I was at the vet 5 days ago due to him vomiting everyday the week prior, My vet suggested that I should try a plain diet of chicken rice, to have it ready to go would be perfect, I would be able to give him the food he needs immediately and spend the time I would have be cooking then on him, to Love and care for him. ❤️🐾

  92. I would love to have this for my Frisco, when he’s feeling “under the weather.” He’s my one year old Australian Shepherd that I adopted last year. Thank you. 🐶🐶🐶

  93. Neo gets upset tummy once in a while. It would be a big help for me not to have to boil chicken and make rice. This is a really great idea. ❤️

  94. Oscar sometimes throws up, he is an opportunistic eater (he used to be a stray), so I have to be very careful with him on walks! This sounds like a good product to have on hand.

  95. Mine’s a farm dog and needs a little stomach soothing after having a “natural” lunch in the pasture.

  96. I have two Toy Aussies. My little boy has a very sensitive stomach and this would be a perfect supplement for him when he is having trouble.

  97. My dog Odie was just sick last week, so it would’ve been awesome to have this at my disposal while he got back to normal.

  98. My little dog will be 16 in a few months. She has the issues that come with her age. It would be great to give her a special diet just for her. Thank you.

  99. This would be great to have an n hand in case my Leo got sick

  100. When I was growing up and had an upset tummy, my Mom’s favorite thing was to make homemade chicken and rice soup. I would start out the morning with chicken broth….then if things stayed down…..I got the chicken and rice! Worked every time. I have cooked chicken broth for my sick pets and would be quite interested in trying this chicken/rice bland diet. It sounds like something they would enjoy…….they are picky…….just like my kids!

  101. Stella would love this when her tummy is upset, especially since I’m not a great cook.

  102. My two Irish wolfhounds are always having one illness or another and when they get like that, they refuse to eat most foods. Would love the chance to try a different food next time one is ill. Thanks for the chance to win.

  103. Our dog Takaani is having stomach issues now. It would be great to get some of this to see if this would help him. He has sensitive stomach issues.

  104. I would love this my rescue puppy
    Often gets into things he shouldn’t and refuses to eat anything so this would be awesome I know he would enjoy this when his tummy is hurting

  105. I would love this. My dogs have gotten sick several times, chicken and rice helps calm their stomachs and digestive tracts.

  106. Would make life easier. Lots of work goes into making a bland diet.

  107. It would be great to have this on hand and not have to leave a sick dog to go to the grocery to get the chicken and rice!

  108. We have 3 large breed dogs in our household family. This would be fantastic! Great stocking stuffer for Xmas, as well!

  109. This would be helpful because she has IBS and has to eat prescription dog food This would be ideal for her stomach

  110. Our rescue Great Dane mix puppy would definitely need this whenever she has a bout of diarrhea. She has a very sensitive stomach & we have to always have a can of pumpkin stocked just in case. We would rather have this Under the Weather bland food stocked instead.

  111. Both of my dogs can’t seem to help themselves from eating acorns even though it bloated them and gives them horrid gas. My one Chiweinie Puppy comes over to me all pathetic looking and flips on her back for me to burp her. In addition to that she has hip and knee dysplasia and takes meloxicam which is hard on her belly. I’ve gone as far as making her dog food out of rice, veggies, and chicken

  112. I would love to have this on hand for my 11 year old BC ,Zeus. Although he is fine you just never know what they may eat (he is fond of chicken poop!) or at his age what may be an issue.

  113. I travel a lot for agility trials and need to have bland diets on hand, just in case

  114. It would be great to have a bland diet on hand for Ms. Chica’s sensitive tummy!

  115. My little Yorkie papas could use this due to he not having a good appetite because his little stomach not being able to digest properly I love my little one he means the world to me and what ever I can do to make him happy I will

  116. Mary my 11 year old Scottie has Cushing. She has an excess hunger because of the illness. She eats everything ( many things that are not good for her) sometimes she gets sick to her stomach and throws up. I keep Science Diet id on hand to feed her until she is feeling better. But my vet is 1 1/2 hours away ( I moved 2 years ago but love and trust my vet ). I found out the hard way you can’t just buy id at pets smarts, or any other pet supply without a prescription from a vet. So now I make a point to stock up when I am at my vet to pick up meds for Mary and another one of my dogs that is crippled after being hit by a truck 3 years ago. It would be nice to find something that I could buy without a prescription.

  117. My miracle boy, an 11 year old rescue 46 pound malamute/rotti/husky mix survived bloat earlier this year, they wanted to do emergency surgery or put him to sleep that night. I had them make him comfortable and brought him home, and gave him some natural ingredients. By 11 AM he was back to his self. Took him to the vet who was shocked after he did all of the Ultrasounds and blood tests. However, he is always watched now, takes prilosec daily and gas-x whenever he gets a bit uncomfortable.
    I would love to have a chance to try this for him for when he is feeling ick.

  118. I believe having this product on hand would be beneficial in a safety kit for our animals. Humans have safety kits just in case of a natural or unforeseen disaster, why not our loved fur babies. Because this product is freeze dried, I’d assume the shelf life is much longer and would come in handy for our beloved Jemma J. Pom owner here!!

  119. Omg I have two small dogs that eat grass all the time and then throw up!! Would love to try this on them. Ty for the chance

  120. This would be helpful for when my shih tzu gets into “Kitty Roca” and gets sick a few times a year.

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