[New Product] Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit

Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit

Advancements in genetic testing and genealogy have given us all a chance to discover our true lineage and heredity. While it may be interesting and useful for humans, it’s even important to know your dog’s genetic makeup. This is because different breeds have different needs. The Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit is a non-invasive, easy way to discover your dog’s true breed so you can give your pet the best care possible.

Are you sure of your dog’s breed?

Not many of us know for sure what kind of dog we have. After all, it’s estimated that 53% of the dogs in the United States are mixed breeds. Some pet parents have enough backstory on their pets to know who their parents were, while others just guess according to physical and behavioral traits.

Knowing your dog’s true genetic makeup can be useful for many reasons. Most importantly, this information can help you give your pet the best care possible. This is because different dog breeds have different temperaments, nutritional requirements, and may be prone to certain health problems. Of course, knowing the genetic makeup of your dog is also necessary for breeding and show purposes. DNA testing has been successfully used in legal cases to exempt dogs from discriminatory breed restrictions and legislation, as well.

Dog breed medication sensitivities

Likewise, it is important to know your dog’s breed when considering the administration of certain medications. For example, dogs of the herding breeds (sheepdogs, corgis, collies, German shepherds, etc.) often have a genetic mutation (MDR1) that makes them more sensitive to medications like:

  • Acepromazine – a tranquilizer
  • Butorphanol, a.k.a. Torbugesic or Torbutrol – a pain reliever and cough suppressant
  • Chemotherapy drugs doxorubicin, vinblastine, and vincristine
  • Emodepside – an anthelmintic (anti-parasitic) medication
  • Erythromycin – an antibiotic
  • Ivermectin – a heartworm medication
  • Loperamide, a.k.a. Imodium – an anti-diarrheal medication
  • Milbemycin – a broad-spectrum antiparasitic
  • Moxidectin – a heartworm preventative
  • Selamectin – a topical parasiticide and anthelminthic

Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit helps you get to know your dog better

Buy Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit

Get to know the true breed and health care needs of your dog with the Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to quickly, easily and painlessly obtain genetic material from your dog for genetic testing.

Collecting a DNA sample is safe, non-invasive, and can be done right in your own home. Simply insert the included swab between your pet’s cheek and gum, place it into the mailing container and send the self-addressed envelope back to the lab. You’ll receive a custom photo certificate with the fascinating details of your dog’s DNA test results in just a couple of weeks.

Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit gives you essential insights into your dog’s dominant breed(s), helping you to better understand his or her personality, potential health concerns, and the keys to a longer, healthier life.

The information you’ll receive about your pet can help you customize breed-appropriate nutrition, exercise and health care plans for a healthier, happier dog.

Your dog’s Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit results will include:

  • Your dog’s Canine Breed Composition DNA Analysis Certificate
  • Key breeds detected
  • Key breed characteristics, health and behavior
  • MDR1 and EIC screening

Knowing your pet on a genetic level will help you give the best loving care possible. Get a glimpse into everything that makes your dog unique with the Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit.




Win FREE Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit!

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One winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

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  1. I’d love to find out what mix our dog Dexter is. We think Chihuahua terrier but it would be fun to know for sure.

  2. I recently got myself 3 baby Border Collies and I really need to find out if they have the MDR1 gene or not. That way, as they age, I will know what type of medications I can give them and most importantly, the ones I can not. I would love to win this kit.

  3. We have a sweet pup (Oreo) that we call a “bassador”!!! Would LOVE to know if she is in fact a Basset Hound / Labrador mix, or what else she might be! Many people think she is mixed with a Pointer, or Rhodesian Ridgeback. Hope we can find out!!

  4. We rescued Bailey from Mexico. They said she was a Westie mix. She has a long body so we think there may be some Jack Russell Terrier.

  5. I adopted a dog from a family that had multiple dogs who bred with each other. My dog is a mix of several different breeds and am unsure what she is exactly. My vet has speculated on several different ones, but none are concrete. I do have health concerns over some of the previous animals and want to make sure that nothing is genetic in my dog that we would have to worry about.

  6. My puppy’s father has MDR1 gene. Need to know if my puppy has it, too.

  7. We adopted our dog from a rescue that had pulled her from an animal shelter. She has some husky in her, but we don’t know what else. I would love to know what else she has in her genetics.

  8. My little Shih Tzu mix came from the pound. He was only 8 weeks old when I adopted him. He is really strange sometimes and I’m always commenting that he is part Devil Dog. So, I really would like to find out what he really is made up of.

  9. My little guy was adopted after being found alone on the side of a road in the south at about 2 months old. Best guess based on physical appearance was Beagle/Terrier mix. Now that he’s a year old I am doubting the Beagle part. His legs are just too short. Because of his small stature, he weighs only 20 pounds, I am concerned about any medications he needs to be given. Now the possibility of the MDR1 mutation only adds to my anxiety. I would be a little less nervous if I knew the mutation was unlikely in his breed profile.

  10. In our rescue, 99.9% of the dogs are labeled “pitbull”. We know this isnt’ true and this test to help even 1 dog be properly labeled for their true breed would be a blessing. With all the BSL still out there , our dogs are hard to place due to nothing more than their paperwork from the kill shelter we pulled them from is labeled incorrectly. We plan on doing DNA testing as part of the routine things done before adoption on each animal.

  11. My sweet Raemie is 16 1/2 yrs old, adopted, and supposed to be a longhair daschound mix. We see that but have often wondered what she’s mixed with ??? We’ve seen photos of other breeds that look like her twin but all have been different breeds. She has such a great disposition, always so well behaved, it would be nice to know her DNA for future adoptions. Winning a kit would be frosting on the cake for us and solve a 16 1/2 year mystery !!!

  12. I have always wanted to see what breeds my dog, Shiner is made up of. Everyone asks what he is, because he looks like a golden retriever with small ears and really long hair. I think he’s part Samoyed, but I would love to know for sure!

  13. Elizabeth aka “Lizzie” is currently recognized as a “Spaniel Mix” but we’re unsure as to what her true breed structure is. She looks a bit of a Brittany Spaniel, will be 13 in a couple months, stands approx 18-20″ tall and is 19.2 lbs. We’ve had her since age 1, she became deaf around age 4, and now at 12, she’s still spunky, though arthritic. Fortunately, she suffers no pain just has muscle weakness. Everyone we come in contact with thinks she’s a puppy until we tell them her true age. Then they’re astounded.

  14. I was told when I got my Salvatore that he was a full blooded yorkie. I saw the dad not the mom. She was supposedly at the groomer. I tried to register him and they said he wasn’t full blooded and didn’t match their criteria. I love him more than anything I’m just curious.

  15. Our sweet adopted 12 year old Ian came to the U.S. from a shelter in Puerto Rico. All that we know about him is that he was a street dog. Our vet has guessed part spaniel and part dachshund. It would be great to know for sure for the best medical treatment possible as he ages.

  16. When I was a little girl, I was OBSESSED with reading this big dog book that my parents gave to me. It had all the breeds in it with big pictures. I read that book every day as it was my favorite book. As a result, I can usually identify a dog when I see one, even some mixed dogs. I now have a 13-year old Jack Russell Terrier mix, but I’m so curious as to what he’s mixed with. He has this silvery, silky fur that is not a characteristic of Jack Russells. His folded ears gradually became pointy. He’s tall, not short like a Jack Russell. I’m leaning towards more of a Parson Russell Terrier. It kind of frustrates me that I can’t pinpoint what he is! I’m supposed to be an expert at this! I would LOVE to find out what he is. It would really be so satisfying. It would also be so interesting to see where he gets his personality and traits from!

  17. Our sweet rescue pup joined our family at just three months old, and we’re not quite sure what makes up his scruffy muttness. Mom was also at the humane society when we adopted him, and she was a terrier chihuahua mix, so we know he has some combination of those breeds going. However, what kind of terrier? Could he be part Scottie or Brussels Griffon? What kind of dog is dad? Do his teeny teefs come from Cairn? What about his red beard? Everyone who meets him and his serious eyebrows has their own theories. (We’re convinced he’s part cat, since he likes to perch on the backs of couches and bat playthings around on the floor, but that’s a story for a different day.) He has his own instagram too, because of course he does, so be sure to peep him @haggisthered. Any guesses?

  18. On the papers I received from the previous owners it says he is a Yorkie, but he is bigger than most full breed male Yorkie’s, so I think he is mixed with something else. We got him when he was 1 year old. I would love to know if he is full breed or mixed. He is now 13 years old, so I have been wondering for a long time

  19. I never win these contests but I continue to enter with hopes of someday winning. This would be the perfect time to win as I cannot afford DNA testing on my little dog. The lady I got him from said he was purebred chihuahua but I disagree. He is larger than a chihuahua and also has longer hair on the top of his head ONLY! Very odd looking dog! Would be wonderful to find out what he really is!

  20. I have a chihuahua mix dog. I thinks he part terrier also because he is so springy. He’s only 6 lbs, but had long legs. I would love to know exactly what’s he’s mixed with. He was a rescue dog.

  21. I have a house full of rescue dogs and would love to know the mix on any of them. They all appear to be some sort of Chihuahua/small dog mix and they all look VERY different. E

  22. I would love to find out what my rescue puppy is!! this would be great to win!

  23. I would absolutely love to find out what different breeds my rescue pup is. His name is Sherman and he was my first foster fail. He had been abandoned by his owners and got hit my a truck breaking his back legs. I was with him through his surgeries and recovery and just fell in love with him. We believe he is border collie by his black and white markings but he is clearly something else cause he’s a 100lb dog with a big ole head and feet. He has his own Instagram account if anyone would like to follow our adeventures! @Sherman_the1earup_collie
    Best of luck to y’all!
    Much love from TX

  24. I think it would be interesting to use this new product and testing our Yorkie (Fanny). She has papers, but would love to compare results.

  25. i would love this – my dog’s mom was a St. Bernard and his dad was supposedly a Beagle (per the shelter) – and he looks like a brindle Australian Shepard so i would love to know what his genetics say he really is.

  26. I have two rescue dogs and I know nothing of their lives before I adopted them. I have always wondered of their breed! I would love to win this!

  27. I rescued a pup off a busy main roadway. When I got her she was a dark brown and now she is a really light tan with a Terrier coat. She was about 3 months old when I rescued her, is what the vet thought, and when I asked him what kind of dog she was he said, “She’s a brown dog”…lol. Well I’ve had her 3 years now and would love to know what breed she is. If not, all I know is that she is a Rescue Breed and I love her with all my heart!

  28. to better protect her health

  29. While it wouldn’t matter to me just what breeds might be in my dogs (I love them all dearly), it would be nice to know. If nothing else, to know if they are partly a breed that might have a higher chance of certain medical issues. I had really wanted to know what my deaf hound girl, Ran, had in her – she passed at just five years of age a little over two years ago from an autoimmune disorder. She was supposed to be a Treeing Walker Coonhound mix. I have two now that appear to be (at least mostly) purebred, and one Walker mix. One of my “purebred” dogs has recently also developed an autoimmune disorder, too, so I would love to be able to test her to see what other breeds might be in her. My mixed breed boy, Seiji, would be a fun one to test. I’ve had so many guesses from people as to what breed (other than Walker) is in him, and it would be fun to know.

  30. This is fantastic that this product is offered. I have done an allergy panel done on my little fellow. The most interesting thing I found out was, he is allergic to humans…….(human danter)…..go figure !!

  31. I adopted my dog from Texas and am constantly being asked what breed she is. I was told she is a Lab/Blue Lacy mix, but no one seems to know what a Blue Lacy is! I would love to know exactly what breed she is so that I can ensure she gets the proper attention she needs and so that I can finally tell people with confidence what breed she is.

  32. I have 2 corgi/mix and they are sisters from the same litter. I would like to know more about them and if they have any health issues that i need to watch.

  33. I would love to win a FREE Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit for my dog Max. He’s definitely half German Shepherd. I believe he’s also part Border Collie, but I’m not 100% sure, so it would be nice to know so.

  34. That would be great! Thank you! 😀

  35. We rescued our dog, who seems to be a spaniel/golden retriever mix, but we would love to know for sure. We want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can do give him the best care.

  36. My dog Annabelle is a Newfoundland but she has severe allergies and would like to see if genetic testing would help. Is already on all natural food and treats. Sees a natural specialist for supplements, gets baths every 2wks besides vet.

  37. We were watching a show this weekend about this. We have three rescues and we love them no matter what mixes they are, but how fun it was to watch the surprise when those owners read what the mixes and percentages were. It would be so much fun to know what the mixes are for our fur babies.

  38. I adopted a sweetheart from a shelter. Because of her markings, they said she is an Australian cattle dog mix. I can definitely see some terrier in her. She’s small with a huge chest. I’d love to know what all she’s mixed with. Being a stray at the shelter, there is no record of her health history. I really would like to know if there is anything showing healthwise so I can be better able to help her live a long, healthy, happy life.

  39. Would love this to use on a rescued dog, to know a little about potential health issues as well as lineage.

  40. We rescued our pup and would love to know if she has any other breeds in her lineage especially helpful for any health issues that may arise

  41. Would love that know what our rescue dog’s breeds are and if there is any health issue he is geneticly prone to.

  42. We believe my dog is a herding breed. So it would be extremely helpful to know for sure because I would hate to have a mix up and have her be given medication that isn’t good for her. She’s a rescue, so we aren’t certain, by any means, of what her background is.

  43. We would like to know what mix she is we r not so sure because we got Maggie from a shelter and what problems she will have in the further.

  44. Our baby was born to another dog lover. He was given up because, despite being about a foot long, he thought he should be the alpha male among their other dogs. They advertised him as a peek-a-poo. But we could see he wasn’t. Still, we love him. We’d like to make sure of his breeding.

  45. Our baby was born to another dog lover. He was given up because, despite being about a foot long, he thought he should be the alpha male among their other dogs. They advertised him as a peek-a-poo. But we could see he wasn’t. Still, we love him. We’d like to make sure of his breeding.

  46. i hope to win the DNAffirm kit for my pup Toque. Toque found me when he was four months old. One night I heard scratching at my window and looked out and all I could see were shiny eyes and two huge pointy black ears. I went to the front door and as soon as I opened it this beautiful and goofy puppy ran into my house and went all the way down the hall and into the back room, like he had been there before. I am a complete dog lover, but the timing wasn’t ideal for me to adopt a dog. I posted on Craigslist and Facebook and went around my neighborhood asking if anyone had lost their dog, and after a couple weeks nobody claimed him. At that point I had already fallen in love with him so I was kind of glad nobody came for him. I took him to the vet to get his shots and they told me he’s a German shepherd mix, but they didn’t give me any other breeds they think he’s mixed with. He was about 4 months old the vet said, and they set his date of birth to September 19, so in a little over a week my pup will be 2 years old. It’s clear he has German shepherd in him, but he isn’t as active as most German shepherds. He’s healthy and loves to run and swim whenever we get out, but he’s just as happy laying on the couch napping all day. He’s very human like and reminds me of a grumpy old man. Sometimes he’s sweet and comes to cuddle with me, but other times he leaves no room for me on the couch or bed and wants to be left alone so he can enjoy his slumber. I would love to win this kit to find out what he really is. He ran into my house that night and I truly believe he knew somehow he belonged with me, I would just love to find out more about where he came from since his first 4 months of life are a mystery.

  47. I would love to find out exactly how much “wolf” our friend’s dog is. Would this test tell us that?

  48. It would be great to know what breed Jackpot is. As you can see he’s got corgi – but what else?

  49. I would love this for my husband’s service dog. We have no idea what he is mixed with and would be fun to find out.

  50. I received my sweet Max well as a gift from a friend, because of a “oops” litter. She assured me that he was a purebred, and promised me his papers, which never came. I do not hold it against her because Max is my best buddy, however I am curious about is true breed.

  51. I and my rescued abandoned found emaciated approx a year old now dog rural area nothing but forest around no houses with skin problems and ear infection mal nurished really would like to have more info. to better understand his breeding personality, potential health concerns, nutritional needs and the keys to a longer, healthier life. Thank you so much !!!!

  52. What a fun idea! Would love to try this on our girl.

  53. Willamina wants to solve the mystery of her DNA with FREE Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit from 1800PetMeds! She also wants to know why the government allows dog breeding when there aren’t enough homes.

  54. I have a dog with coyote lineage. I would love to know just how much.

  55. I would love this for our rescue, Charlie! We know he is border collie & lab but the vet thinks he’s a couple other breeds as well. I’ve been wanting to get a DNA kit for a while but they can be expensive.

  56. I would love to know my dogs breed background so I can monitor her for any predisposed issues and she is very unique looking.

  57. our adorable Scooter is truly a mixed breed. Half his body has one type of hair and the other half is different and lighter. We would really love to know what each half represents! Currently we think he is a Yorkie-Poo. But it truly is just a guess! He is a special dog and needs to be identified and have papers, so we can prove how truly special he is!

  58. I have 3 rescue dogs (Charlie, Lucy and Ellie) that have health problems and something like this would be so helpful to help us understand what they need and how we could make their lives better.

  59. I have 2 rescues and i would love to know their breed! We can only guess what they are.

  60. We adopted our dog Pucca who is a mix breed, and I heard people say that “mutts” are better because they are less maintenance compared to pure breeds, but I spent a lot of vet bills because of her allergies, lumps and her torn ACL. I would love to know what breed my dog is so we can better understand and what is expected or inherent in her breed. Thank you for the opportunity.

  61. I would love to know my dog’s breed mixture as she is a rescued rescue. She was given a home by a friend who got her from a rescue center. When he passed away we rescued her again and gave her a permanent home. She is a wonderful dog and we would like to know her true heritage. Thanks for the chance to win the DNA test kit.

  62. Aden is my dog and he is a faithful companion. He rides the tractor with me for hours. I am a veteran with depression and anxiety that is service connected. He has made me smile when it was the last thing I wanted to do. What breeds are his genetic makeup must be loyal, loving, brave and great swimmers. He also loves cats. I would like to know his DNA results because everybody asks me what he is. I always say he is the rarest of breeds.


  64. My corgi mix has the body of a corgi, face of a german shepherd and coat and tail of a chow. AHS thoght she was a Corgi and Australian Shepherd, but she has a fluffy tail. This dna kit would settle the issue, but then all the conversations I get when we go on a walk would also end.

  65. We adopted Shasta from the dog pound in August of 2009. She is a red and white Siberian Husky and had
    been abandoned. She began having severe clustersiezures that November. She is on a high dose of Phenobarbital every 12 hours. We also give her milk thistle, & other nutrients as well. She is now 12 or 13 and her last siezure was in January. I would like to know about any other conditions she may be prone to.

  66. We adopted our sweet pup from the humane society. They said she is a lab mix, but looks nothing like a lab. I’d love to know what mix of breeds she is.

  67. I rescued my baby 8 years ago, it would be great to know what he was mixed with!!

  68. My “cur mix” from Appalachia surely must have an interesting makeup!

  69. I just adopted a puppy from the animal shelter, and knowing what type of breed he is would help me in training him and knowing if he is predisposed to any genetic issues!

  70. I would love love love to win this dna kit. Sadie is a purebred Boxer, but im sure she has some line breeding since her parents are sealed brindle. I was considering buying a kit online but it is a whopping 200$ im not sure i can afford that. I want to prepare myself since Boxers are known to have heart problems and cancer. I just want to stay clear of any possible genetic issues. *Paws crossed*

  71. I would love to win this! I have been looking into DNA testing my rescue dog. She looks like a lab, maybe a border collie, a terrier? Who really knows! It would help so much in better understanding how to train her and what to expect or be on the lookout medically down the road! We hope you pick us!! Thanks!

  72. Gretchen was a rescue……She and her siblings were left in a tub at a fire station. She was estimated to be approx 8 weeks old. Would love to know what kind of mix she is for health problems which may occur.

  73. I would love a shot to find out exactly what my sweet Isabel actually is. We rescued her when she was just a tiny pup and through the years has changed so much that it is really hard to tell. Thanks for the chance.

  74. Oh, we’d love to find out the mix of our rescue girl! We adopted a mother and daughter and got no details about the father, have always been given guesses, would be great to find out for real!

  75. My dog is from a hoarding case with all sort of dogs. Understand she was born there. Would love to know what all she is and see if she’s predisposed to any medical issues! How fun!

  76. Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. Would love to find out exactly what my grand dog is! Thank you for chance to win!!!!

  78. I would love to try this since the last similar product I used gave 2 entirely different results for my dogs who are siblings

  79. I have given my mix mut a DNA test 10 years ago, but it was inconclusive and I actually had to trace the company up for the results. I hope I can get my little honey boo boo’s genes, so that I can understand him better. Maybe also help prevent his allergies.

  80. Baxter, who is a Cavalier King Charles and Sophie who is half lab/ half German shepherd would love to know because they both came from a puppy mill. It would be nice to know. Thank you.

  81. Poor Charlie has so many health issues. He is supposed to be a cockapoo, but sometimes I think he may be from a puppy mill. I wonder if he really is 1/2 cocker and 1/2 poodle.

  82. We rescued our dog Abby last year and would love to know her complete DNA!

  83. We’d love to know what breeds make up our sweet pooch. She has a few behavioral quirks and some medical issues that we think knowing her breeds could help us pinpoint and address.

  84. What novel idea! I would love to know what my Coco actually is.

  85. Have a mixed breed with allergies would make it easier to diagnose what allergies he has to get the right medicine for him to help relieve the chewing and constant hair loss on his butt. Think he chow sheperd or lab chow

  86. I got a rescue puppy and I have been so curious about his breed! He doesn’t really fit a specific breed based on pictures so it makes me really curios… would love to get this test to find out!

  87. When we got our dog Roscoe 11 years ago, we were told he was part Boxer and Rottweiler. I always thought he had other breeds in him as well. It would be nice to know.

  88. Going crazy trying to figure out our rescue mutt! Gotta get her DNA tested, only way we will know for sure

  89. I adopted my dog 12 years ago. We think he’s a lab shepherd mix but it would be fun to know for sure. It would also be nice to know if this could help him medically in some way since he’s getting older and we’re starting to deal with arthritis and other things.

  90. My 9 year old niece would love to know what her little dog is. We think she is chihuahua/jack Russell but could be some other mixture.

  91. Would LOVE to win this! I think knowing your dogs breed/s is important as it can tell you a lot about their health & can help you better understand them.

  92. i AM on a limited Soc Security income and have a rescue, Minnie, who is part dachshund and part I don’t know. She is a lover but dislikes men intensely. Would love to know more about her. She is very protective of me and my other doxie, Pepper.

  93. our dog is supposed to be a two-breed mix, and is a service dog. however, he has some health issues, and we are wondering if he’s other mixes, too. it would be great to identify health issues so that we can help him stay as healthy as possible!

  94. Most people think my dog is a purebred but I really don’t think he is. I would love to try this and see what he actually is!

  95. I would love to test my rescue dog’s DNA. She looks like a mini lab but her behavior and some things about her appearance definitely tell me there is more to her than that! It would be great to know what dominant breeds she has in her to be able to understand her more and better work through some of her issues!

  96. I would love this to see if my dog is truly a min. schnauzer purebred. I am very interested in the results. my oldest min. schnauzer just passed away from cancer. I would love to see what it would find out about my current girls.

  97. My dogs are rescue dogs and though they try to guess at the shelter what breeds the pups are, they don’t really know. I would really like to know more about them besides the fact that they’re the best dogs in the world!

  98. My pembroke welsh corgi did not have papers and is not purebred. He has had severe allergies and ear issues so I would love to know what he really is so i can watch out for breed specific issues. Thanks from Mary and Max

  99. My wonderful companion is a lover I rescued from the local humane society. She was said to be a border collie/ shepard mix. I think she has husky in her due to black spots under tounge and alot of hair. Really does not matter if she is a special breed or a mutt to me as she is a beautiful black and white part of my family. She has had a few issues with her food and allergies. In check for now. I would like a dna not because I want to know what she is as she is my best friend, I would like to know in a effort to keep her healthy and hopefully help lead to her food allergy. I am sure there are others who may need this more for better reasons, but this is my reason for dna test.
    Peace ,

  100. I have a brain injury from a fall I took at work almost three years ago and my little rescue girl Buggy has been my constant friend and nurse. I am unable to work now and get very depressed. But my girl knows when I’m sad and does her best to soothe me with her sweet kisses and snuggles. I’d love to know what breeds she is as I rescued her from a shelter in Dallas when I worked the spay and neuter center. Thank you for the chance to win.

  101. Our little Pete is so wonderful but it would be lovely to find out what all he has in him. I’d love to find another just like him!

  102. My baby Gurl was rescued from Mexico and would be great to know something more about her history!

  103. I Have two sweet boys ,They are a mix breed Pug And something else would love too know what the other part is.

  104. I just rescued my dog from PR she was found on the beach wandering then sent her to NY where I adopted her, I know she is part chihuahua but I would love to find out what else she is either way I love her so much, I recently lost my mom so we both saved each other

  105. I rescued my Maggie! I was told she’s half chocolate lab/springier spaniel mix. But she looks like an Irish Setter! She has severe separation anxiety and sensitive skin. Wish I knew for sure what she is because Maggie is definitely loved by her new owners. I even work midnights so she’s not left alone.

  106. We recently adopted an adorable, chocolate and tan mix from the Humane Society. She has the biggest ears that remind us of Gizmo from the movie Gremlins…kind of like Papillon ears, but she was listed as a Standard Dachshund mix. We’ve asked our veterinarians and they are as stumped as we are as to what her actual mix might be. We’ve heard everything from Dachs/Chihuahua to Dachs/Papillon to Dachs/some other mix breed. Her back is somewhat long, so we think the Dachshund is definitely there, but her face is reminds us of an Australian Shepherd with Papillon-type ears. She is short and walks like a chihuahua, and only weighs about 20 pounds. We would love to know what our Pocket is mixed with, but no matter what her story, she is all loveable and beautiful to us.

  107. We rescued Cricket (a Manchester Terrier/Chi mix, we think). Her physical characteristics could also be a Black & Tan Terrier. It’d be great to compare her body & color, etc along with temperament with more of a sense of confidence, *knowing* the breeds she may contain. She looks more like a Manchester Terrier (LONG legs) with a almost all Chi head.
    This would be wonderful to have a chance to get this! Thank you!

  108. My shar pei mix wants to know more about her true purpose. We’re her ancestors Chinese warriors or emperor guards? We’re her fathers ancestors duck hunters on Labrador? She wants to know.

  109. We have a five month old puppy that looks like a little fox, but he has a short stubby tail, one blue eye and one green. He has a red/brown coat with some black sprinkled in and white markings on his chest, toes and nose. We would love to know exactly what Ranger is….but we love him whatever!

  110. We have a great Lab mixed named Austin, one of the sweetest dogs anyone has ever met. He is very oversized for a lab (100-110 lbs while in excellent shape), so we are pretty sure he has some other, big, breed in him. Lately he has been pretty sick though, and it may be something that is more common for the non-Lab part of his mix. Being able to DNA test him to see what else is in the mix might help us get a better idea of what is wrong!

  111. We rescued an middle-aged dog in February. The vet believes she’s an English Bulldog/Pug mix. She’s not in great health and doesn’t seem to be getting better despite our best efforts. A DNA test would help us better track down her issues so we can properly treat them. We would love for her to live out her remaining years as a happy and healthy dog.

  112. I adopted my dog 3 years ago they told me where I adopted her that she was hound and pit. When I took her to her 1st vet appointment vet Dr said she was hound and wasn’t sure what else she was and that she didnot have pit in her. Then I had to bring her back to the vet and she told me she was a mix and never told me what she was. Errr so annoying Please help A DNA test would help

  113. We rescued out dog and would love to know what mix he is. We named him Rory and we think he is a pom mix but not sure.

  114. The Humane Society said that my dog is a long haired Chihuahua mix, but everyone that sees her says she looks like a terrier mix. I’d like to know for sure.

  115. I would like to know my coyas DNA because when she was a puppy the vet told me she is a dingo and I would like to confirm that and also find out more about her health.

  116. Jesse was adopted sight unseen from a rescue in Georgia. They said she was a German shepherd. She looks more like an aussie golden mix. We call her a diva when asked what breed she is. We get asked all the time. She also has had reactions to medications…I didn’t know the results for that were contained in a DNA test.

  117. I have a chi mix as i have been told she is too big for a chi and is a owner release so know nothing about het past and got her when she barely 6 weeks old. My other dog i got at a veterinary i worked at. She looks pute rott but i saw all her litter mates an dome looked like golden retrivers an the rext lime rotts an all with tails. Some of them had parvo an Lucy was the one that was much worse an almost died she was so severe. That is why i think she may be pure. Before she got well, she became paralyzed from the neck down, but i worked with her a lot. She finally got better from the parvo and the paralylis an is fine. I would love to win this just because i am curious about my girls. Even if can only test one. Im on social security an these 2 are great companions. Kalinda is going to be designated a service dog as she lets me know when i am falling asleep driving an brings my blood pressure down.

  118. We’ve always wondered what our Rufus boy was! He has the coat of a wired hair terrier, legs like a bassett, and could possibly have some lab in there as well! It would be fun to see if our guesses are correct! We have 6 dogs, so any free items are always appreciated.

  119. We found a stray dog in our yard and he wouldn’t leave. He sat in our yard in the rain for a couple hours. My kids went door to door to find where he belonged because we just don’t have loose dogs in our neighborhood. Long story short we tried everything to find his home with no luck. We ended up keeping him (our 3rd dog) . It was like he had never been in a house before and he was quite aggressive towards men so he nipped at my husband we weren’t sure it would work out but he grew to trust us and he found his forever home and is the best dog ever! We believe he is a lab Shar-Pei mix but we can be sure so it would be wonderful to find out what our Buddy is exactly!

  120. My female Newf is not as bulky as my male her father was a landseer but we didn’t get to see her mother, although they were both akc registered I question the honesty of the breeder

  121. Oscar is a shelter dog, so we’re not quite sure of his ancestry. We think he’s at least part black & tan coonhound, but it would be fun to see what else is in the mix!

  122. My dog Teddy is a rescue from a shelter down south. He looks mostly Lab, but there’s something else in there, too. Would love to know what it is, and what problems we might be looking at as he ages.

  123. Our nearly 2 yrs old Bernie was found walking in a ditch when he was only about 3 months old. If guesses would make it correct, he would be a giant Chocolate Habernese, but since they are some dogs, that doesn’t solve the puzzle. HelpQ

  124. I would love to be able to answer the often asked question, “What breed is he?” when people ask about our Hercules. When we adopted him from a shelter, they told us he was part Chihuahua and Dachshund. Our vet says he has terrier in him, others have said lab. So what is he, besides being a perfect mixture of cuteness??

  125. We adopted our beloved Shadow from a shelter and were told Border Collie/Pointer mix. That explains his BC head and Pointer back-end. But front legs are short and chest is wide. We wonder if he has some bulldog or pit bull. Now that he’s 12 yrs old, he’s been needing more procedures and seems very sensitive to anesthesia. He’s developed a heart valve problem. Would love/need to better understand his genetic predispositions.
    He’s the world’s most awesome dog and anyone who meets him, adores him. My mom is elderly with lots of health problems, and he is her reason for getting up in the morning :o)

  126. I have two dogs
    One I was told is a yellow lab.I got from a store she left at. The other one is toy mix? She was kept in a pen. Just would like to know. Love them both.

  127. We rescued Junior from a high-kill shelter a few years ago. He’s a dachshund but he’s not colored like any other I’ve ever seen. I’ve always wondered if he was mixed with something else but just looks like a dachshund for the most part. He’s my sweet boy no matter what he is but it would be really cool and fun to see what his breed is

  128. My girl Peanut Butter is my whole world. She’s a Golden Retriever and I love her more than anything. She’s my baby. For almost a year now she’s had off and on dermatitis that just keeps coming back after the antibiotics ends. I love her so much and I want to keep her healthy and I do everything I can for her. I want to learn more about her so I can do exactly what she needs to stay healthy for the longest amount of time as possible. I want her by my side forever but I know it’s not possible so I’ll take as many years as I can get.

  129. My girl Peanut Butter is my whole world. She’s a Golden Retriever and I love her more than anything. She’s my baby. For almost a year now she’s had off and on dermatitis that just keeps coming back after the antibiotics ends. I love her so much and I want to keep her healthy and I do everything I can for her. I want to learn more about her so I can do exactly what she needs to stay healthy for the longest amount of time as possible. I want her by my side forever but I know it’s not possible so I’ll take as many years as I can get. Thank You!

  130. My dog is Chihuhua mix, but doesn’t act like a Chihuahua…think he’s mixed with Daschound ..would lik to know for sure

  131. My Lucy was adopted from the arms of a woman going into a kill shelter as I walked out. She never made it into the system thankfully. She was only 10 weeks old and a shelter stay could have ruined her. The woman said she was half Pit Bull and half Labrador. Pit Bull, I see. Lab, not so much. I would love to know my fur baby’s true heritage.

  132. We have always adopted what they call, “mutts” However, our last guy has a very odd personality. We have multiple people tell us this behavior is like this breed in that behavior is like that breed, But we just don’t know. When he found us are at an adoption fair, my husband knelt down and Cooper jumped up put his paws on each shoulder in wrapped his head around my husband’s neck. We were told that he ran a local county for four months or more. We definitely can tell what he experience by his behavior. But he is day to day today behavior that still has us wondering what all he has in him. He is aloof one min, the wanting love afterwards. He goes from excited to comatose. He Will give the oddest looks for no reason. Another thing is he is like a 50lb cat. We would LOVE to know what all he has in him. Thank you

  133. Hi

  134. I did leave comment. We love dogs

  135. Ten years ago Maggie, my Jack Russel picked the dog she wanted for a companion. He wasn’t the size dog I wanted but she insisted that was the dog she wanted. I fostered him for a couple of weeks until I had to take him to get neutered. When I came back without him she cried and was hunting all over for him. Needless to say I adopted him!
    Both of my dogs are rescues but unlike Maggie no one has been able to guess for sure what Murphy is.
    For Ten years everyone who sees him has been trying to guess what breed or breeds he is. It sure would be nice to be able to say what he is.

  136. I would love to know if my dog Happy is a purebred Shih Tsu. I paid an exorbitant amount of money for him, but people often make comments about his size in comparison to other Shih Tsu’s.

  137. I have a therapy dog and he has his own therapy dog. I know it sounds funny. When I got Buddzie (my therapy dog) he was so terrified and shook violently. He was 10 months old. It took him a few days or so to get used to me. Then he clung to me like a tick on a dog. He would shake whenever I left. He was very afraid of people. This went on for about 3 yrs. That is when dog # 2 came into the picture (Poozer). Wow my idea worked within a few weeks Buddzie made remarkable strides, finally a month later he would come to my daughter then 17 yrs. old. He still has some seperation Aniexty issues but are minimal. I came to the conclusion he was from a puppy mill. I was told he is Bischon Frische and Shit-Zu (teddy bear dog). Suppose to be one of the top 10 designer dogs. I would love to find out if he truly is what I was told. The breeder claimed she emailed his papers with lineage several times ….I never received them ….I finally gave up on her. Please let me put this issue tto rest so my curiosity of 10 yrs. will finally be answered.

  138. We adopted Luna when she was 2 months old(now six months old) because they told us that she is a Maltese/poodle mix and that she is hypo-allergenic. (I am allergic to dogs-and my daughter is allergic to cats—confirmed by test and seeing an allergic doctor), when we got her, she doesn’t look like one and my daughter itch all the time. My other daughter brush her outside most of the time to try to keep Luna. We would love to know her DNA so that we will know how to better take care of her and understand her soo–hyperactivity, why she is pretty ugly and look unproportioned and I saw she sheds!!! Please help us distinguish Luna so as We can plan accordingly as to learn how to cope and lovingly care for her appropriately. We appreciate this very much.

  139. This sounds like a really interesting test. I’d love to know what breeds came together to give us our dog, Kate. We found her through
    a border collie rescue organization but so many people say she’s too small or isn’t full border collie. We love her for who she is not what but I’m still real curious.

  140. I would love to know what breeds my dog has. I adopted him a little over a year ago after my Shitzu passed away, not knowing the history of Shih Tzu’s and certain things they could have problems with the older they get. She passed away from kidney disease at the age of 10 years old(shy of being 11 by 7 days), I didn’t know about this till it was to late. With my dog now I want to know so I can be a little more pre-paired to know what he could have problems with down the road. I did just found out that he does have a very mild heart murmur, the vet said it could be from genetics of a breed he could possibly be. I would really love to know a little more about my wonderful little guy, they say he is part terrier and possibly Jack Russell. With his energy , I wouldn’t be surprised any.I love this guy for his wonderful personality and the love he shows me! Knowing a little more would be great.

  141. Because my dog is weird looking!

  142. I was given a dog that was supposed to be a spayed female mulit-poo. Found out she’s not spayed…so who knows on the breed. Would love to confirm it. Thanks!

  143. We were told our dog Suzy, was a mix of poodle and chihuahua but she looks like a terrier and has no characteristics of the other breeds. Would love to find out exactly what breed/breeds she is.

  144. My beagle mix Morgan would love to know his ancestry!

  145. I adopted a dog a year ago. she is supposed to be Pekingese, but she is unlike the two pekes I had previously and she sheds -which they didn’t. would love to know what she really is.

  146. I adopted a dog and she is supposed to be Pekingese, but she is unlike the two previous pekes I had.

  147. My 7lb male yorkie and 6lb yorkanesse had 2 pups and both are double the weight and hieght of both mother and father , they have some resemblence but vet told us either she is not the breed we thought or my yorkie is not the father…

  148. We adopted our dog Zoey from a shelter last year, we know she’s part husky but the shelter thought she was mixed with something else. It’s the first dog we’ve had as a family and my 4 year old daughter saved for a whole year to get her, we want to make sure we keep her in the best health possible for a long time so it would be great to know exactly what she’s a mix of.

  149. We would love to find out what breed our youngest dog is she’s all black with beautiful light brown eyes and a smile that could melt ur heart and warm your soul … we find she looks like a black lab but we are not sure because she has features of a few diffrent dogs .
    Oscar is our older great dane he is a pure breed big ,loving ,sweet and always wants to play even though his birthday is on the 18th Monday he will be 9years old and a great friend to our little puppy Delilah .

    And being able to know her breed to help out with her dieitary needs and suppliments

  150. I would love to win a free dna test for my little doggie Chico. We rescued him from running scared in the streets and we think he is a Chihuahua with Jack russell terrier mixed in. He has skin allergies and is a white color with liver colored spota. He gets quite nervous and is really stuborn as well. We love him dearly. It would be nice to know his breed to help us with his temperment issues. Thank you for the opportunity.

  151. We would absolutely LOVE to, and really need to, win a FREE Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit from 1800PetMeds because we recently rescued a puppy, and shortly after, discovered she has some serious medical conditions that require expensive treatment, and knowing her breed(s) could be helpful to the vet’s treatment plan for our beloved fur baby. We’re also training her to be a possible service animal and knowing her breed(s) could possibly help in training by knowing what to expect from her such as temperament, breed requirements, known health issues, and such. Thank you very much! 🙂

  152. We would love one of these kits for our rescue. She is such a wonderful puppy but she has some health issues. Knowing her generic history would be super helpful in getting her the treatment she needs. Not to mention because she is such an amazing and intelligent dog, I would love to know where she gets it from.

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