What’s the Deal with Organic Dog Treats?

Dogs love treats!

Wagging tail, appreciative stare, licking lips…is there anything better than giving your dog a treat for good behavior? No, not really. It’s no big secret that dog treats can make your dog very happy, but are you really doing your pet a favor? Some treats that are packed with preservatives or artificial ingredients can cause digestive upset and even aggravate allergies. So switching to an organic treat can help make a difference in your pet’s health.

Riley's Organic Dog Treats are made without preservatives and artificial ingredients

Organic, all-natural food products are made without preservatives and artificial ingredients, which reduces the chance of an upset tummy. In addition, some organic dog treats like Riley’s Organic Dog Treats are made without wheat, which is one of the main culprits of food allergies. If you’re worried about taste, don’t be — Riley’s packs each treat full of 100% organic, yummy ingredients like organic peanut butter or organic sweet potato. The best part is, Riley’s Organic Dog Treats are made in the USA, and are USDA certified, which means you can feel good about what you are feeding your four-legged friend!

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  1. I’ve been making my own homemade treats and my dog loves them!

  2. Hello Sue, What do you put in the treats? If you may please send me the ingredients and amounts. We have two boxers and one of them has a sensitive stomach and gets sick quite often. She loves penut butter, and some crackers. We usually feed them Iams dog food. thanks for any information about your homemade treats.

  3. Yummy! Sue, I bet your dogs love your homemade treats! Just so you guys know, Riley’s are made with only 8 ingredients, and they are ALL organic.

    Hope this helps! And I hope you get your recipe Janice!

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