YEOWWW!® Organically Grown Catnip – The Secret Ingredient for Viral Cat Videos

Yeowww catnip toys for cats

The Next Internet Sensation May Be Sleeping on the Back of Your Sofa

Watching crazy cat videos has become a global obsession! This is probably because cats have such a fascinating combination of physical agility, personality quirks and unpredictability.  In fact, the 2nd Annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival held at the Minnesota State Fair drew a whopping 13,000 cat video fans!

As any cat lover knows, part of the fun of sharing your home with feline friends is their unexpected antics. By nature, cats are curious yet cautious, brave yet jumpy, athletic yet clumsy. All of this ambiguity can add up to entertainment even top Hollywood film makers can’t match. And, they do all of their own stunts! That is, if you can get them off the couch.

Is your cat too boring for YouTube? Bring out his wild side with the secret ingredient viral videos are made of…

Catnip, Camera… ACTION!

How can you help your cat become the next Internet sensation? If your cat could use a little inspiration to get silly, try YEOWWW!® Organically Grown Catnip. Available in a fun variety of shapes and sizes, YEOWWW!® Organically Grown Catnip Toys can get even the laziest cat leaping and bunny-kicking like a kitten again. Most cats become absolutely giddy when they get around YEOWWW!® Organically Grown Catnip, so have your camera ready to capture the craziness!

Known for an irreverent sense of humor and a commitment to quality, YEOWWW!® brand catnip products are made of only high-grade, organically grown catnip and durable cotton twill fabric that can really take a beating…and a biting…and a clawing! The fabric is colored using a special soy-based dye that is safe for cats, too!

Generously stuffed with the pungent, aromatic catnip they’ve become famous for, YEOWWW!® Organically Grown Catnip Toys come in a variety of styles including:

The Sweet Stink of Success!

Yeowww Tin of Stinkies
YEOWWW!® Tin of Stinkies
– This tempting little sardine can is filled with three colorful fish-shaped catnip toys that are stuffed to the gills with YEOWWW!® organically grown catnip to get your cat running, jumping and kicking like a kitten again! When your cat takes the bait, you’ll both be reeling in the fun!

My Cats Balls Will Get Your Cat Rolling Again!

Yeowww My Cats Balls Catnip Toys
YEOWWW!® My Cats Balls
– This 3-pack of catnip balls will make your cat go ball-istic! They’re just the right size for a game of kitty keep-away or a silly soccer match. If one ball ends up under the sofa, just throw in another and keep the game going. They’re purrfect for multi-cat households, too! Your cat will get a kick out of My Cats Balls!

One Singular Sensation…

Yeowww Catnip Toys SinglesYEOWWW!® Catnip Toy Singles – If your cat is ready for the big time, you need to step up the game with these extra large, power-packed YEOWWW!® Catnip Toy Singles. These colorful, potent catnip toys are made to take the toughest punishment your cat can dish out! Choose from several clever shapes available including the Cigar, Banana, Rainbow and the big 11-inch Pollock Fish, all designed for serious grabbing, biting and bunny-kicking action!

It’s NOT Medicinal…But It Sure Is FUN!!!

Yeowww Organic Catnip
YEOWWW!® Catnip Tub
– A little sprinkle from the YEOWWW!® Catnip Tub can mean the difference between another boring day of lying on the window sill or an afternoon of unbridled tomfoolery and frolic! Serve up a little fun from the resealable 2-oz. plastic tub of YEOWWW!® organically grown catnip and bring out the wild side in your kitty.

YEOWWW!® Organic Catnip Tub and Catnip Toys at 1-800-PetMeds

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  1. I got a friend that has lots of Cat videos. She upload them onto YouTube all the time. She get’s a lot of fun from it too and lost of commentors.

  2. What do all these cat videos have that everyone loves them??

    PS: Ok, I do also like them 😉

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