A hot dog is no laughing matter

Daisy prepares for National Hot Dog Day

Hi everybuddy. You might assume that I’m wearing angel wings, on account of my face is so sweet (or so I’ve been told). Actually, I’m wearing a hot dog suit because Thursday is National Hot Dog Day! 

Daisy shares important summertime advice

Here, I’ll show you my buns. Anyway, National Hot Dog Day on July 23rd is a day to celebrate one of America’s favorite foods, the hot dog. Unfortunately, even though hot dogs taste delicious, a hot dog (or cat) is no laughing matter. So, I have done some research and compiled tips to help your pets keep their cool during the hot summer months.

Daisy does not recommend soda
Daisy’s tips for beating the heat:

  • Make sure your pets always have access to fresh, cool water. I do NOT recommend diet soda, so you can kick that can to the curb. I DO recommend a nice pet drinking fountain. I personally prefer to have ice cubes floating in my water.
  • If possible, make sure your pets stay inside during peak heat/humidity times. This means walking your dog in the early morning or evening hours. If your dog must stay outside, make sure he or she always has access to shade and plenty of fresh water.
  • When walking your dog, use the “5-second rule” to see if the ground is too hot. Place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you can’t hold it there for five seconds, it is too hot to walk your dog (this tip from Moon Valley Canine Training).
  • Pets can get sunburned, especially pets with sparse or light-colored fur and in thinly haired areas. Use a pet-safe sunscreen, and consider protective t-shirts, and even try doggles for the eyes. Plus, they look real cool!
  • Dogs and cats don’t sweat like humans do. We dissipate heat through our paw pads or by panting. This isn’t very efficient, so we prefer not to get overheated in the first place.
  • This one is very, very important: NEVER leave a pet unattended in a parked car, even if you think you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. Even with the windows rolled down, the temperature can quickly rise dangerously high resulting in heat stroke and even death.

Hotdogs are a summer favorite

ps: Those black specks are not fleas, they are the dots from my sesame-seed buns!

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  1. unfortunately I think I enjoy hot dogs a little too much.

  2. You can try SmartDogs, they’re made of tofu!

  3. Oh Daisy, it is so good to see your cute face. Lots of good suggestions for the heat. Our Mom is huge fan of Hot dogs and so glad to know about Thursday. Gives her an excuse to have one. You all have a great day.

  4. Every day is a good day to eat a hot dog!

  5. Hey, Daisy, we are so glad to see a post from you and your Mommeh! We missed you!!!
    Our humans love hot dogs but we are only allowed to have one tiny piece because they are processed meat with preservatives. Not good for kitties!
    We keep cool by laying near the fans or in a window (screened) where there is a breeze.
    Happy summer, Deiter, Penny, Izzy and Reggie

  6. Yay! I am happy to be back, too. It sounds like your humans take very good care of you.

  7. Sage advice, Daisy! Thank you!

  8. I am always happy to help!

  9. I’ve missed you, Daisy! The humans here don’t eat hot dogs, but they are very, very good about never, ever leaving me in the car for even a second! My human even leaves her door open when she has to walk around to the other door to get my carrier.

  10. Summer, it makes me happy to hear that your human takes extra-special care to make sure you are safe!

  11. Hi Daisy!
    You look wonderful! It’s sure nice to see you again! Thanks for all the great advice.
    A question- Poffertje always sleeps right in the sun spot when it is 90 degrees out. Is she going to die from heat exhaustion? Would it help her if we put some ice water on her?
    Your friend, LOKi

  12. Ohai LOKi, you are very thoughtful! I myself enjoy basking in the sunshine. Poffertje should be fine as long as she can get out of the sun when she’s done basking. I’ll bet she would enjoy a nice bowl of ice water beside her though!

  13. Thanks for sharing these great tips, Daisy! You look adorable as a hot dog 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing , so nice blog and very useful tips.. Thanks again

  15. Thank you for some great tips, Daisy! We love your costume, by the way. 🙂

    Hugs to you, Harley and Mommeh!

  16. Oh thank you!

  17. Thanks! I believe a hot dog suit is much more comfortable than a hamburger suit would be.

  18. My hoomin was in grad school and she saw a bad lady leave her dog in the car. So they went in the apartment office and told the manager to call the police! A police officer came and opened the car door and gave the doggy water.

    Luv, Angel Keisha and Murphy the Poodle

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