A St. Patrick’s Day celebration your cat will love

A St. Patrick’s Day celebration your cat will love

Ohai! Did you notice my sparkly green bowtie? Most people are getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, but I am going to celebrate St. Catrick’s Day instead. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and he did some real good things like getting rid of a bunch of snakes. I don’t know too much about him, but I will tell you about St. Catrick.

st patricks day1

When I was born, my mama whispered to me the secret of St. Catrick, the patron saint of cats everywhere. St. Catrick watches over all good cats, and protects us from fleas, bananas, and hairballs. There are many legends surrounding St. Catrick, such as the famous legend that there is a pot of catnip at the end of every rainbow, and also if you are not careful, a leprechaun will hide your toys under the refrigerator where you cannot reach them.

To celebrate tomorrow, I recommend wearing your prettiest green accessories, watching some parades on TV, eating green stuff like fresh cat grass and some Greenies, and playing with catnip. That sounds like a great time, right?!

St patricks day3

And now, I would like to leave you with a traditional Irish blessing:

May you find a sunny spot to sleep,
whenever you need a nap
May you get the perfect treat,
whenever you need a snack
May your food dish be forever full,
and your litter box always clean
May you always find a welcoming lap,
and a gentle hand upon your back
May your toybox overflow with your favorite toys,
that you never have to share
Happy St. Catrick’s day to all cats everywhere
~ Daisy the Curly Cat

How are you going to celebrate St. Catrick’s Day?

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  1. Happy St. Catrick’s day to you!

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