Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week

Did you know that this is Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week? It makes my heart feel sad inside to know that not every cat and dog has a loving Forever home of their own. I am one lucky curly cat!

Daisy wants you to adopt!

Many pets are considered “less adoptable” because they are older, or have special needs, or simply because they are a “less desirable” color.  To bring attention to these special pets, this week is designated as Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week, sponsored by PetFinder!

Less Adoptable Pet Week sponsored by PetFinder

We adopted Harley from Cats Exclusive when he was 6 months old.  Here he is at the shelter, snuggling with a smaller kitten. You can see that at 6 months old, he was no longer a tiny kitten, and was on the road to becoming Less Adoptable himself!  The great thing about adopting an older pet is that you already know their personality.  We knew in advance that the Harley Quinn was a maniac… but we still adopted him.

Harley at the Shelter

Cats Exclusive has lots of kitties who are looking for a Forever home.  The kitty below is named Espresso.  The nice people at Cats Exclusive told me that Espresso is a wonderful black kitty that has been overlooked simply because she is solid black. She is sweet and affectionate to all visitors and LOVES other cats.  Espresso enjoys snuggling up to them, and is very motherly and nurturing.  Espresso has been at Cats Exclusive since she was 3 months old, and she’s now about 11 months old. She would do great in any household and impresses everyone who visits.  Unfortunately Espresso gets upstaged by the other friendly kitties that are “prettier.”

Espresso needs a Forever home!

Espresso, I think you are beautiful!  If you think Espresso is your cup o’ java, you can visit her PetFinder page!

Are you the proud parent of an adopted pet? I’d love to hear about your pets!

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  1. I adopted a cat several years ago from a shelter. I went there to get a kitten, but ended up leaving with a HUGE, old tomcat with missing teeth and nicks out of his ears. He was a mess. The vet said he was about 14 years old at the time and had likely spent a good amount of his life as a stray. I named him Katmandu. He lived with me for 4 years, got positively fat and shed orange hair all over my apartment and clothes. I loved that cat. When he died (the vet said he was just too old and run down), I cried for days. It took me another 3 years to bring myself to get another pet.

  2. All three of my cats were adopted. I got my first cat Shakespeare (a long haired orange tabby) from a no kill shelter and a year later after hearing that black cats were not adopted because of their color I was on the search for a black cat.

    I found Mojo (black short hair) at the vet’s office where I took Shakespeare and instantly fell in love with him. He is by far the most loving of the three cats and it breaks my heart to think they aren’t adopted because they are black its crazy to me.

    My third cat Laveaux (female calico) was adopted from an animal rescue in New Orleans 2 years after Katrina. I wasn’t in the market for another cat but when I saw how over crowded the shelters were even two years after this horrible disaster I decided I couldn’t leave without her.

  3. My dog only has one eye. She is a silky terrier who was born with a birth defect that resulted in one of her eyes being small and non-functioning. Her owners couldn’t afford to have the surgery done to remove the eye, so they gave her up to a shelter. The shelter took her to a veterinary school that did all of the work for free.

    We met her at an adoption event about a month later and fell in love. She’s so sweet and quiet and really just the perfect dog for me and my family. I think in some ways we were drawn to her because we were worried that she would go un-adopted. We’re so glad we did. Only having one eye does not slow her down at all and her health has otherwise been fantastic.

    When we adopted her she was named Giselle, but we didn’t really think that that matched her fun personality. We renamed her Wink since she’s always happy and looks like she’s winking at you.

  4. I have a habit of adopting cats that makes a terrible first impression. Either they want nothing to do with me, or take a swipe at me on the first meet, but somehow I still fall in love with these”bad cats”. My first cat, Cuddles, was a female tuxedo cat that pretty much wanted nothing to do with me. Too bad girl, I took you home and loved the crap out of you. When she died at 10 years old last year I was heart broken that my beautiful witch of a cat (who did cuddle sometimes) died of health complications that I couldn’t fix.
    So, in the spirit of adopting cats ithers would’ve said “No way” too, I adopted a male tabby kitten who had suffered a broken leg. I named this monster Dr. House. He has a bad attitude and had to be put on prozac, but he does have a very sweet side to him. When he’s not biting and scratching, he’s enjoying a nice nap either on the floor or in my lap. He purrs and loves his chin scratched. Hates his belly to be touched though.
    Everyone asks me why I adopted a kitten who, upon first meeting, bit my face. Haha, I say “because who else will love them?” I dont regret my decisions to adopt bad attitude cats because, if you look hard enough, even those cats have loving sides to them.

  5. I adopted both of my kitties from rescue shelters in the past year. Ella, well I saw her picture on craigslist thorugh a private seller and I knew I had to have her. I drove down there that day and took her home. I loved her from the moment I saw her. She is totaly white, except her tail and bottom which is 3 different colors of spots. She looks like she got splattered with paint lol

    Sterling… was a miracle. About 2 months after my first cat who I had for 17 years passed away, a co-worker thought me and Ella needed a friend. She showed me a picture of Sterling and I went down to see her. The whole time I was at the shelter she was meowing and following me from cage to cage sticking her paw out at me. When I went to leave the room, and turned to see her on her back with her little paw sticking out from the bars…I took her home an hour later! She is a beautiful little brown stripped kitty!

  6. I love hearing all of your special adoption stories. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I always find it so odd that black animals are harder to adopt. Edgar is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met, and I hear the same about black kitties all the time. He didn’t come from a shelter, but he was a stray who, by the time he was about six months old had already been thrown out of several houses/left behind when the owners moved. I was thrilled to take him off the hands of the lady who was feeding him on her patio, especially since it was the middle of winter.

  8. Aw Daisy and mommeh, great post!
    We took a dog from the shelter a few years ago and he was already 10 and only lived 2 more years but died at home with us. We got our cockapoo from Craigslist and had him 3 years and are currently heartbroken missing him so much. Many years ago I brought home a bichon from the shelter. He lived to 13 and was my baby. We also got our Harley look-a-like from there about 10 years ago. He had been left there in a carrier. We got our rat terrier (mr needy) and our yellow lab at the shelter. Someone returned the lab after 6 months and said he was bad. I fell in love with him and he is awesome. Not bad for someone who went in looking for a poodle type dog. I’m all for adopting older animals. They have SO much love to give.

  9. We adopted our Amazing Long haired Chihuahua Harley when he was 9 months old. He had been in a very abusive home and I was a bit worried when I picked him up. A week went by and lots of pampering and he came around.He is now 3 yrs young and simply awesome. He is my husbands Theropy Dog. My husband is alive today because of Harley!! We Love Harley more every day!! Adopt a abused or forgotten pet!! They will reward you greatly!

  10. I adopted my cat Murphy, an all black cat, after my two cats had to be put down within a month of each other. He’s a total sweetie, and was 7 months old when I adopted him. I went there with the intention of getting an older cat, and a black cat. I’ll always adopt cats who are less adoptable, I swear they give the most love.

  11. I agree I adopted a female cat 3 yrs. ago and she can be a little witch at time. For some reason she doesn’t want to be held. But she cuddles up to me as close as she can get when I am sleeping. She also walked into our house on the day we brought her home and more or less said I m here to stay and I am going to be boss. My Blue Heeler didn’t think so but she learned that KIKI was right and she has become the boss. She doesn’t realize she is a cat. She thinks she is the meanest and baddest cat-dog that ever walked.

  12. Our terrier, Scooter, was in a home with two rottweilers. The owner’s idea of taking care of them was to throw food out once a day and let them fight over it. They had no shelter at 7000 feet, and no fence. When he ran away to a friend’s house down the road, we came and got him. He was totally matted, very thin. The vet said he wouldn’t have lived much longer. He had never been in a house or car or on a lead. We’ve had him ten years so far and he’s the smartest, nicest dog ever.

  13. Espresso is very pretty. If the publicist lived closer….

  14. I moved to an area outside of town and soon noticed that there was a number of stray cats there. My young grand daughters would come to visit and always find a cat that needed care. I contacted my local animal shelter for help and was told on several occasions that they were full and could not help these animals. We started feeding several cats on my patio but observing them during the winter I saw how they suffered from the harsh cold and snow having no shelter. I fixed up my shed with cat beds and feeding stations but soon found another problem. Female cats were having litters three times a year at least. So I started taking them one at a time to a local low cost spay and neuter clinic. After several years on constant devotion to the cause we finally have the population under control although someone will dump a cat now and then. We have found homes for many lovely kittens and cats. I still feed several cats that were at one time considered feral that have become quite tame. If everyone would lend a hand to help we could stop the needless suffering of these domestic animals. Cats are domestic and cannot survive for very long in the wild. Many die slow and painful deaths due to the carelessness of humans.

  15. I was only planning on fostering my dog for a few days while the shelter made room for him, but by the end of the weekend I knew I couldn’t give him up. He was a 6 month old pitt-bull mix, he was at the stage that he had grown out of the cute puppy stage but didn’t have the maturity of an adult dog. He bit aggressively for his nails being clipped, peed all over my apartment, and barked at everyone-almost getting me kicked out of my apartment complex. But four years later I still love the little punk.

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