What you need to know about adopting the perfect cat

June is National Adopt A Cat Month
I have some very important news to share with you today! June is Adopt A Cat Month. And what perfect timing, because this is “kitten season” when many shelters are overflowing with cats and kittens in need of a home. I am lucky enough to have a home filled with lots of love and treats and toys. But many, many cats are less fortunate and can only dream of one day having a home of their very own, too.

Are you thinking of adding a cuddly cat or kitten to your home? If so, this Pet Lover’s Guide to Adopting a Cat has everything you need to know before bringing your new kitty home.

Harley was adopted from a cat shelter

I also have some extra “inside” information about adopting a new cat that I would like to share with you. See the black and white cat sneaking around behind me? That’s Harley. He lived for many months in a shelter before he was adopted and came to live with me. Harley often ruins my good times and acts like a maniac. You might be thinking, “But Daisy, what if I adopt a cat and I get a bad one like Harley?”

Harley lived in a shelter for 6 months

Here is the secret: I still love the maniac! So no matter which cat or kitten you choose, I know you will love him or her. Also, you will feel very extra-happy that the cat you adopted doesn’t have to live in a shelter any more. I know the other cats in Harley’s shelter were glad to see him go, on account of he liked to hog all the toys.

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  1. With all of Binga’s bad behavior, you would think the humans would regret having adopted her… but they worship her! Sparkle thought they were nuts. And sometimes I wonder too.

  2. Summer, I know whatcha mean! I can’t believe they don’t regret bringing the Harleymaniac home, too.

  3. We agree with you, Daisy, and we are glad you and Mommeh still love Harley even if he acts crazy sometimes. 🙂

    Adopting a shelter cat is awesome, because you save TWO lives — the one you adopt, and the one that gets to take its place in the shelter.


  4. In my experience with adopting many cats over the years, the ones who get into the most trouble seem to show the most love to their new humans. We love them even more when they aren’t perfect because nobody is perfect and those are the ones who show us the most affection. I’m sure you love Harley so much more because he sometimes “ruins your good times”. If he didn’t do that life would be just ho-hum. Don’t you think?

  5. I disagree that you save two lives by adopting a shelter cat. You save your own life too plus the rest of your family’s lives. Having a cat that loves you is a proven reason to live, to be happy, etc. etc. So many many lives are saved and made that much more happy and joyous! We love you Daisy and really really miss your blog! Juliea and Izzy

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