Catnip Capers

Hello everybuddy! Today I would like to talk about catnip.  Even though I love my treats, I also  have a great fondness for catnip.  Did you know catnip is an herb? The scientific name for catnip is Nepeta cataria.    Professor Daisy talks about catnip
I recommend starting out with a big sniff so you can savor the catnippy aromatic oils.  Did you know that 10 – 30% of cats do not respond to catnip at all?  I prefer the dried-up kind and usually ignore fresh catnip plants.
Daisy enjoys the aroma of catnip.
I like to get a giant pile of catnip so I can sniff, lick and roll all around in it.  Did you know the effects of catnip usually last from about 5 to 15 minutes?
Many cats enjoy sniffing, tasting and rolling around in catnip.
The more catnip you can get stuck in your fur, the better.  Whoa! Everything looks upside-down and backwards now!
Daisy enjoys rolling around in a big pile of catnip.
My Mommeh says I turn into a maniac after I have been rolling around in the catnip.  Sorry, Mommeh.
Daisy is a catnip maniac.
I think I have a catnip hangover now!
Too much catnip!

Do your kitties enjoy catnip?

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  1. I am one of the small percentage of cats who does not really respond so catnip, although every once in a while I will–but VERY rarely (like once every few years) I’ll start rolling around and noticing it–otherwise I just sniff and leave when the other cats are wild!

  2. Sherpa, Harry and Pumpkin the Farm cats (all the boys) love catnip but Stinky (the girl) does not. It is funny to watch them get all crazy.

    I do not know if I would like catnip I have never had it. But it is green and munchable and that is what we goats like!

  3. Chey, Harley does not get that excited about catnip, either. He is more of a toy sort of kitty.

  4. Pricilla, I think it would be cool if you got to have catnip!

  5. Daisy, we are HUGE nipheads at our house! Daddy tears the fresh leaves and rubs ’em on our gums…then the fun begins!

  6. Whoa! I never got any catnip on my gums before!

  7. We love catnip here! Meowm found the nip cigar the other night and we all had a turn drooling on it and bunny kicking it! Meowm needs to get us new ones for Christmas!

  8. Oh, those catnip cigars are the greatest!

  9. I´m one of the 10-30% that don´t react on Nip at all

  10. I love catnip! Some of my favorite toys have secret catnip compartments!

  11. Whoa, Daisy! You really got into the nip there fur a minute! Enjoy!

  12. We like catnip, but Tiki and Tavi could take it or leave it. It had to be really strong in order for them to react. Mom says some day she is going to let us try honeysuckle and valerian to see if we react to those also.

    Cody and Gracie

    PS – we’ve missed your lectures, Professor Daisy.

  13. I like catnip but now that I am an older girl, I enjoy it for maybe 2 minutes and I’m done..stick me with a fork. xoxox

  14. Thank you for the tutorial Professor Daisy!
    All 3 of us like catnip. We mostly get the dried version too.

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