How to choose the right pet Halloween costume

Daisy is happy with her pinata costume
Ta-dah! I am very excited to present to you my Halloween costume for this year. In case you cannot tell or you need glasses, I am a piñata. I love this costume on account of it is colorful and festive and has many fun ribbons. As an added bonus, piñatas are often at parties, so I expect my social life will be picking up soon. 

Make sure you can have fun in your costume
If you are still trying to select just the right pet costume, here is my advice:

  • Be sure you look super-cool! If you don’t enjoy wearing costumes, you can still look nice in your Birthday suit if you have a shampoo and comb your fur really well, and perhaps wear a festive kerchief.
  • Do not get a costume that limits or impairs your  movement, vision or hearing. This particular costume is as comfy as a pair of pajamas and the headpiece does not obscure my vision too much, even when I tilt my head to the side like this.
  • Make sure your costume is not too heavy or hot. Overheating is no fun!
  • Don’t choke! Make sure there are no loose parts that can be accidentally swallowed.
  • Most importantly, if your costume starts to bother you in any way, ask your mom or dad to take it off right away. 

Daisy is surprised to find she is filled with candy
Look, look! I have discovered that, just like a real piñata, I am filled with delicious, colorful candies on the inside. No wonder I am so sweet.

Daisy is not sharing her candy
I may be sweet, but I am NOT sharing my candies, which are actually my guts. I might need them. Besides, dogs and cats should never eat candies of any kind, and especially not chocolates. I prefer some delicious pet treats instead.

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  1. What a cool costume, Daisy! My human says I do trick or treating every day – I perform a trick and get a treat!

  2. da tabbies o trout towneOctober 26, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    my stars daisy; dont let your costume be an excuse for Harley to whap you
    or chase you with a stick, or steal your guts…AKA your treats… know how
    boys get…..hugs girl from dai$y; happy week ahead to you both ♥♥♥

  3. daisy that is the coolest costume ever!!

  4. That is one of the most awesome pet costumes ever!

  5. You do look very sweet, Daisy! That is a wonderful Halloween costume!

  6. I am glad you get paid fairly for your tricks. Doing tricks can be hard work!

  7. Yes, I was worried this could be a hazardous costume with that maniac around!

  8. Gee, thanks! I love the ribbons on the headpiece.

  9. Thank you. Is it wrong of me to be proud of my costume?!

  10. Thanks! I have never worn a costume with arm AND leg holes. I wore it real good!

  11. Deiter, Penny, Isabel and ReggieOctober 28, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    We’ve heard Mommy mention ‘spilling your guts’ but she meant telling all your worst secrets.
    We like your way better! On second thought, we’d rather keep our treats inside our guts!
    Happy Halloween!!!
    BTW, you look great in your costume, Daisy. Does Harley still have his green crayon costume or did your Mommy take it away before it could do any worse damage?

  12. Happy Halloween! Yes, Harley still has his crayon suit. But he’s not allowed to wear it again until he cleans the walls!

  13. Thanks! It’s like my Coat of Many Colors!

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