Daisy shows off her Mother’s Day arts & crafts

Daisy shows off her art supplies

Did you have a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday? I did! Do you know why? Because I made something extra-special for my Mommeh. These are some of my craft supplies. I had to wear these denim coveralls so I wouldn’t get my fur dirty. Wait until you see what I made! I am pretty sure that you will be a little bit impressed with me.

Daisy gets writer's block

First I selected my card color. Naturally, I picked pink on account of it is the most beautiful color. Next, it is time to draw some good stuff on the card. I kind of got stuck on this part, but then I realized that a bunch of LINES would look real good. Then I added some pretty paint. I really wanted to use my clay, but I couldn’t get it to stick to the card. Rats!

Daisy shows off her finished Mother's Day cardTah-Dah! Here is my finished card. I prefer abstract designs, so I painted three lines to represent myself, Harley, and my Mommeh on the card. And also, I painted a big red heart, because that stands for love. Finally, I signed my masterpiece with some pawprints. And guess what? My Mommeh loved the present I made for her. She gave me a big hug, many kisses, and some of my favorite treats. She even put my card on the refrigerator. I’m a pretty good cat.

What did you do for Mother’s Day?

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