Daisy the Curly Cat Shares Her Thoughts on Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, everybuddy!  Today is a special day to remember and honor those who gave their lives in the service of our country. I would like to take a moment and salute all of the brave and unselfish men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Daisy the Curly Cat talks about Memorial Day

Since I do not have any cat relatives who served in a war, I think today would be a good time for me to remember my big sister Pixie. She had to go to the Rainbow Bridge in 2008.  I miss her very much.

Daisy the Curly Cat remembers her sister Pixie

This is Pixie. She was a very brave cat. She had feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and she had to take many pills every day. Even though it wasn’t fair that she was so sick, she never complained and she took her heart medications every day like a good cat. She did not enjoy playing with me because she was tired a lot.

Pixie was a Devon Rex cat, too

This is an old picture of Pixie when she was just a baby.  She had big ears and eyeballs!

Pixie when she was just a baby

Pixie, on this Memorial Day I would like to tell you that you were a good sister. You live on in my heart, always.  Can you hear me, Pixie?

Pixie lives on in Daisy's heart

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  1. Awww Daisy mewz sisfur Pixie was a beautiful ladycat, just like mew. I’m sorry mew lost her at such a young age. I know how mew feel as today I am missing my sisfur too. Černy went to the Bridge in July after she suddenly became sick and a visit to the vet and many tests revealed she had a large tumor growing rapidly in her jaw, something they call squamous cell carcinoma. She was with us only about 3 weeks after diagnosis and was so brave and good despite not feeling well. Mom gave her lots of pain meds and helped her eat with a syringe, and she too never complained. I miss and love mew Černy my panther sisfur, I will never forget our wonderful ten years together. *wipes away tear with paw*
    Happy Memorial Day Auntie Abby, Daisy, and Harley-maniac! Bert and Ernie too, even though I admit I’ve thought mewz looked tasty in photos I’ve seen of mew..!

  2. PS: My Mom wants to know if the paw print paper weight is a memorial to Pixie? If so, do mew know where one can purchase them in memory of a pet? Mew can message me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/bluecalicoladycat , or email me at MsPhoebecat@gmail.com
    Thank mew! Purrs to mew all and have a pawsome barb-b-que, that sounds fun. Will mew be having Albacore or Salmon burgers too? *licks lips, drools at thought* I may fly over on my broom for a visit if mew don’t mind…I can bring some Niptinis and a Sparrow Tart for dessert! Mewmew!

  3. Daisy the Curly CatMay 28, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Hi Ms. Phoebe! Thanks for the kind words about Pixie, I sure miss her a lot. We have to keep our friends safe within our hearts.

    The item with the paw print is actually a pewter pet urn for Pixie. I wish we could remember where we got it from!

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