Daisy the Curly Cat Shares Modeling Tips for Pets

I actually enjoy dressing up and posing for photos. This is one of my best outfits, because it is shiny and it is covered in fruits!  I think shiny things are extra-fancy.  When I see the camera, I get excited because I know I am sure to get treats.  Today I will reveal some of my modeling secrets.

Daisy the Curly Cat enjoys modeling pretty outfits.

This is my modeling stand, so I am at eye level.  I also have a blue background, and on the floor you can see the most important thing: my treats! I am very, very treat-motivated. Today I have freeze-dried chicken liver treats.  I already ate some right off the paper towel.

Daisy shows off her modeling stand and supplies.

My photographer holds the treat up so I look into the camera. If you look closely at my chin, you can see that I have already started drooling in anticipation.  But I am still looking directly at the camera!

Lots of treats make modeling fun!

Here is the final picture from this modeling session.  My Mommeh did a little editing to make the background less shiny.

Daisy demonstrates the finished photo after editing.

Do you have any tricks you use to take pet photographs?

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  1. That is a very nice modeling stand, Daisy! And I bet you have lots of different backgorunds! Glogirly wishes she could teach me to pose, but she thinks I’m to \independent thinking.\ So all of my photos are on-location or candid. What do you think? Can a not-super-old, but not-super-young, cat learn some of your tricks?
    : ) Katie

  2. Katie, it is never too late. I am already eight years old!

  3. It’s nice to see your comfy setup. Treats and a comfortable place to pose clearly work for you. We like shooting in natural light when possible and our best trick is simply having a camera handy. The best shots are often unexpected.

  4. Daisy, you do such an excellent job of modeling. Do not make it look too easy or we could end up having to model as well!

  5. That is a great tip about having a camera handy. You never knew when a great photo op will come up!

  6. Thanks, Chey! Modeling is fun when it involves treats!

  7. Daisy, you have put ideas into my head. I’m trying to get Gus to sit pretty to get a treat. So far, not much progress. He just reaches up and grabs my hands to get the treat.

  8. Harley is like Gus, he goes after the treat and doesn’t even try posing! With Harley, we hold a toy up for him to look at instead.

  9. Daisy this is Katie but I can’t get my name to show though mommeh has tried.

    You look fabulous and you are the best model out there!!!

  10. Oh, thank you so much Katie!

  11. Hi Daisy! Where did you get that dress?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


    Bella Pomeranian

  12. We don’t have an official modeling table, although when I was helping my human sell eBay, we used the bed, and pinned up the bedspread as a backdrop. These days, usually my human gets on the floor to photograph me. I think she likes doing that because it makes her feel like she is working harder! I like it better because it makes me feel like I am working less.

  13. Hi Bella! I got my dress from Build-a-Bear. Since I am just little (about 7 pounds) I can fit into bear clothes! I think your pink party dress is pretty, too.

  14. Sparkle, modeling using your bed and bedspread is a great idea!

  15. A little drool never hurt anycat….you are a supercatmodel to be sure

  16. My Mommeh started keeping a tissue nearby to wipe the drool from my chin when I model!

  17. I am not quite so keen on wearing clothes as you, I think mum left it a bit late for me to get used to them as I am nearly one now. I must say I like your dress, though, very fetching.

  18. Thank you, Kizzie! I did not start modeling until I was over two years old!

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