Daisy’s Rules of the Road

Thank you to all of my friends last week who encouraged me to learn to drive a car using delicious treats and clicker training.  The first thing I am going to do is learn the rules of the road, on account of I am a very Responsible cat.



I will start with learning the road signs, since pictures are easy to study.  Here is an extra-important one: this sign means that this is a No P Zone.  If you are going to drive around in a No P Zone, it is very important to visit the litter box before you hit the road, so you don’t have an accident.  And I am not talking about a motor vehicle accident…

Rules of the road1

This sign tells you that you can drive in ANY direction on this road, forward or in reverse.  I can’t wait to start driving on this kind of road!

Rules of the road2

Unlike the No P Zone, this sign tells you that there are litter box attendants available along this road.

Rules of the road3

Finally, my favorite road sign of all! This sign tells you there is a shopping area up ahead: grab your purse and your BFF and go shopping!

Rules of the Road4

Are there any other important road signs I may have missed?

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