Free dog biscuits for LIFE? And the winner is…


Happy Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! While I don’t really appreciate dog biscuits, I do enjoy a tasty treat on a daily basis. Today, I have a very important responsibility–I am choosing the winner of the Dog Biscuits for Life Sweepstakes! One very, very lucky dog will win a lifetime supply of Gourmet Dog Biscuits.


This is my toybox. I dumped out all of my toys and put the entries inside. Now I have to draw a winner!


Do not worry, the entries are mixed up really well. I will be sure to dig all around, and I’ll squinch my eyes tightly shut so I can’t see who I am choosing (and so my eyeballs don’t get poked with paper).


And, here’s the winning entry. The winner is… Daisy the Curly Cat! Haha, just kidding!


The winner is….. Tanya Oneil! Congratulations to Tanya and her lucky dog. Tanya, please look for an email with details about claiming your prize.

Ps: This was only a re-enactment. The winner was actually selected with a random number generator. But I had fun playing with all these pieces of paper!

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  1. I’m sure that you were a fair minded contest official…even though the winner would be a DOG!! my kitties would refuse to cooperate in a contest where the winner is a DOG!

  2. that last drawing I personally did, I indeed pulled out my name. The prize was twins baseball tickets and I thought the fair thing to do was re-draw. I’m such a softie.

  3. Harley offered to blindfold me for the drawing…

  4. If the drawing was for CAT treats, I might have pulled my own name. Purely on accident.

  5. way kewl !! conga ratz two tanya’s pup on winnin thiz total lee awesum prize !!…

    daisy…may bee her dog can pick ewe az de winner for free cat treetz for life !!!

    meowloz harley ~~~~~~ waves !! ♥♥♥

  6. Congratulations Tanya and your doggy !!! Daisy, you were so cute looking in the box. Hope you put your toys back in after Mom finished.

  7. Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea!

  8. Thanks Jean. It was fun seeing my toys scattered all over the floor. I have a lot of toys.

  9. Great job picking the winner, Daisy! Congratulations to Tanya and her lucky dog!

  10. Oh thank you, I tried my best!

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