[New Product] Your pet will love these reduced calorie treats

Daisy tries out Lean Treats

Now that I am getting older, it is harder to keep my girlish figure. And I dearly love my treats! What to do? The solution is simple…  reduced calorie treats! But this will only work if the treats are something delicious I would enjoy inside my tummy. And I am very particular about treats. So today I am going to try out these new Lean Treats and report on my findings.

Lean Treats smell yummy

Let’s see… they come in a pretty pink bag, and they smell delicious! I am happy to report that they’re soft, squishy chewy treats that are easy to eat. Luckily these bite-sized treats come in a resealable bag to keep them fresh.

More Lean Treats, please!

OH MY COD! These might be my favorite treats, ever. They have a delicious chicken flavor because the first ingredient is skinless chickens. Lean Treats, get inside my tummy NOW! I give them a rating of all 4 paws up. And the best thing is, fewer calories equals mo’ treats! Do not worry, my treat-loving canine friends –they make these treats for dogs, too.

Harley is skeptical of Lean Treats

I offered to let Harley try some but when he heard they were “diet” treats, he made a rude gesture and kicked the bag of treats to the curb. But… once he finally tasted them he realized that he had made a serious mistake.

Harley ran off with the bag of Lean TreatsAnd guess what? He ran off with the bag so he could keep them all to himself.  That was very Wrong of him.

Unlike Harley, I will share my treats! Here’s how you could win a bag of Lean Treats for dogs or Lean Treats for cats:

Win a FREE bag or Lean Treats for dogs or cats!

Just leave a comment below telling us why your pet would like to try Lean Treats.

We’ll be giving away four bags of Lean Treats for cats, four bags of Lean treats for dogs under 50# and one bag of Lean Treats for dogs over 50#, so be sure to mention in your comment if your pet is a cat or a dog and if your dog is over or under 50 pounds.

Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday May 20, 2015, so everyone who participates has a chance to win!

Congratulations to the winners (we’ll notify you by email):  Pat Ruppert, Sue, Karen Terrell, Andrea smith, Nancy Adams, Wen Budro, Dawn Mendez, Rachel Davis, Kate Jordan.












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