Harley Gets FURminated!

No cat wants hairballs

Hi everybuddy! Did you know that Friday is National Hairball Awareness Day? I am a Devon Rex cat with curly fur, and my fur is pretty thin, so I do not shed very much at all. On the other paw, my brother Harley likes to leave his extra fur all over the house. I think this makes Harley an excellent candidate to test out the FURminator for cats. After all, no cat wants hairballs!

Daisy tests the FURminator

Even though I am not getting FURminated myself, I still checked to make sure the tool looks good. I like the pretty purple color! We chose the FURminator for cats with short hair, but there is also one for cats with long hair.
Harley tends to leave his fur everywhere

Harley actually enjoyed being groomed with the FURminator!  This photo is proof that the Harley Quinn can settle down (for at least a few minutes.)

Harley enjoyed being FURminated

Then, he turned back into the Harleymaniac and tried to grab the grooming tool to brush himself! This was very Wrong of him. Lots and lots of loose fur came off Harley. This was very extra-lucky for me, because I got to make a fancy new wig out of it!
All that extra fur makes a great wig

We give the FURminator all four paws up! Maybe now Harley will stop spreading his fur all over the house.

What grooming tool do you like best?

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