Harley, Stop That!

You  know, living with a maniac like my brother Harley can try my patience. I know that boy just wants to have fun, but sometimes he really ruins my Good Times.  But guess what? I think I have found the answer to my problem with this stuff called Stop That! It is a “behavior correction spray.”

stop that1

It is supposed to be an easy way to stop unwanted behaviors.  Hmmm, that sounds like just the ticket! The spray  makes a hissing sound (much louder than I can make), and it releases a good behavior pheromone. Let me sniff… it has a lavender-chamomile fragrance. Pretty!

stop that2

Harley!? I’m armed and ready for you now!

stop that3

I can see Harley is already thinking about causing some trouble…

stop that4

Harley, look what I have!

stop that5

My work here is done.

stop that6

Stop That! you’re my hero.  I love you.

stop that7

One of the great things about this spray is that after using it a couple of times, just the sight of the little spray can is enough to stop Harley from acting up. And guess what? We have a couple of them that you can try out yourself. Just leave a comment here and we’ll pick two random winners tomorrow morning. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Forty Paws and Barbara Beaver, the winners of our random drawing. We’ll send you an email regarding claiming your prize.

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  1. Oh, what a great idea! Our own little maniac could definitely benefit from some good behavior pheromones… 🙂

  2. We use spray air but something with added benefit would be great to try – Stashy would be a great candidate for a try for that. Perhaps we should send him to Daisy’s behavior class too? 🙂

  3. oh, I need to try that with Gandalf!

  4. diego-san thinks we should order a dozen cases of that stuff for theo.

  5. My Delilah would LOVE to have some of that to use on her brother Samson. Sam is a maniac cow kitteh, just like Harley 🙂

  6. We would LOVE to try this to see if maybe Lucy could stop scratching the bed at 5 a.m.!

  7. Ha! Poor Harley…. but at least maybe he won’t get into so much trouble.

    Love that look you are giving him when you pull out that spray Daisy!

  8. What an awesome idea. I could use that when 2 of my girls get into a bit of trouble.

  9. MOL, if my Mom think she can stop me from stealing Coco’s food with that little orange thing….Hahahahaha. Swat! right under the sofa with it.

  10. do that be only for kittykats? Aswell and we babydogs do had some bads too!

    But I do not.

  11. My troublesome little boy Impy could use some of that. He beats up on his poor sister all the time. She isn’t quite as stylish as Daisy, but really who could be?

  12. I think Josie would appreciate that because Maggie gets crazy sometimes and loses her mind. She will stalk her siblings and pounce relentlessly. Fortunately she responds to scruffing and Mom or Dad will lay her down until she calms down.

  13. That sounds like a good possibility for our Annabelle, who’s destroying the trim on one particular doorway by her persistent scratching. 🙂

  14. The girls love the kitchen counters. I’d like to find a way to keep them off. Maybe this will work.

  15. Daisy, you look like you REALLY mean business in that pic of you with your paw on the can.

  16. Hi there Daisy, That is really cool you found a way to keep him in line! I have some cats that do not get along very well. Perhaps it can be my hero as well. Also a few other kitties think they can dig the couch and the door-jam apart!

  17. I need this, l want this. My lovely Luci is talking to the water bowl that is next to the kitties water fountain. Not cute anymore.

  18. Hi Daisy! Does this spray work on doggies too?
    I love you guys!!

  19. Man I need that for Ichiro. I hope it works.

  20. That might work when “some” of our cats are hissing and chasing poor Orinch around the house!

    Luf, Us

  21. The mom says she wantst that stuff but we don’t understand why. We’re all good kitties. 🙂

  22. I’m wondering if that stuff works on human teenagers??

  23. Our Annabelle thinks that doorframes are scratching posts. It is really hard to stop this and she’s ruining our house. Sure could use something like this to get our point across to her.

  24. Daisy the Curly CatMarch 31, 2014 at 11:46 am

    Kali, there is another kind just for dogs!

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