Harley tells all

Is this thing on? Ohai! You were probably expecting to hear from Daisy today. But guess what? It’s me, HARLEY! Since Daisy calls me the Harleymaniac, you might think I am one crazy cat. Well, I am. But I like to do other stuff, too. Today I’ll tell you some important things about me.

About Harley

One of my favorite hobbies is playing with toys. I say the more toys, the better! I recommend you fill your toybox to the brim with toys. Playing a lot will help you have strong muscles, like I have. And when I’m busy playing with my toys, I’m keeping out of trouble and not bothering Daisy. Even though chasing Daisy is fun, too.

About Harley3

Another thing about me is that I LOVE eating treats. As Wimpy said, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Greenie today” (or something like that). The good thing is that since I spend so much time playing and running around, I can eat a lot of treats and still stay in shape.

About Harley2

An active mancat such as myself needs lots of rest. Lucky for me, I have this comfy bed to relax in. This bed is named Max. It is a donut bed. I don’t know why it’s called a donut bed, because you can’t eat it. And also, there’s no icing. Or, maybe you’re supposed to eat donuts in the bed? I don’t really know. Sorry.

About Harley1

Here is the last, and most important thing, I would like to share with you. It is a big secret, but I guess once I tell you it’s not a secret any more… unless you don’t tell anyone. I have a GIRLFRIEND! Her name is Molly. I can tell that Molly is very smart because she wears a lab coat. And she’s very, very beautiful! Do we make a cute couple?

About Harley5

Molly, I hope you enjoy getting hugged. And bunnykicked.

About Harley4

Do you have any questions for me?

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  1. Oh Harley! I think all girlfriends love getting bunny kicked!
    Great post and so good to see you

  2. I love your donut bed! I need to get one like that, except my sister would take it.

  3. my only question is, is that thing on?

  4. THANKS, Helene 🙂

  5. Awww… so sweet you have Molly. I love your donut bed Harley! I don’t think you should eat donuts IN it though…

    What handsome photos of you!

  6. I <3 you, TOO!

  7. Jasper, it feels COMFY!

  8. I found out that it IS on!

  9. Thank you Maureen. I can play with my donut TOY in bed!

  10. Truffles has that Molly stuffie! And what a cool bed…is it available for purchase and is there a Molly bed?

  11. Harley you are an excellent spokescat and you and Molly make a very cute couple

  12. This is a very good reminder to play everyday! You are a very wise kitty, Harley.

  13. Harley dood, great innerview. But dood. Rilly? A GURLfriend??

  14. You bunny kicked Molly? MOL! Grady Lewis has a Molly too. Does she have a twin? Love the donut bed.

  15. Awww Harley….you are a very hansome man-cat….I wanted to be your girlfriend!

  16. dood…questhun 7…whenz de weddin…questshunz 9…grate ta see ewe again !!! questhsunz 5..why iz yur mom lyin two ewe bout bee in abe bull ta eat donuts in bed…questshunz 11, we will send ewe sum, powdered or plane…let uz noe !!!

    happee week guys 🙂

  17. Crushed that I am not your girlfriend. Jealous am I of the pretty lab-coated cat…..grrrrrrrrr…Hiss, Hiss…

  18. Harley, I heard donuts are not healthy! Maybe you should have a chicken or turkey bed instead.

  19. Great post, Harley! It’s nice to hear from you 🙂

  20. Oh sorry, there are no more Max beds 🙁 But Molly is a fun gal!

  21. Oh thanks, Pricilla! If we get married maybe you could be a bridesgoat.

  22. Yes, everybuddy should PLAY as much as possible!

  23. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to KISS or anything!

  24. Maybe MY Molly visited Grady. Hmmmm…..

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