Harley: The Story of Me!

OHAI! In case you do not know me, I am Harley.  I live with Daisy the Curly Cat.  I am a very, very happy cat!  Today I want to tell you a story all about me, and how I came to be.   Not many cats know how they were born!
Harley is a very happy cat!

My momcat was a black cat, and she was feral.  This means she did not know how to live in a house.  But some nice people trapped her and brought her to the shelter to be spayed.  My momcat had a little secret on the inside, and that secret was… ME!   I was already inside her just waiting to be born!  This is probably what I looked like then.
Harley's mother was a feral cat.

The vet was ready to spay my momcat, and she saw that me and my brothers and sister were already there and ready to be born that very day.  So we were born!!!
The vet saw that Harley was ready to be born!

After she recovered from being spayed, my momcat was released back to the wild.  I was far too tiny to live in the shelter or in the wild, so we went straight into foster care, and I got the name “Neptune.”  This is a picture of me on the day I was born! Can you see me?  I was a cute little kitten!
Harley was a tiny baby.

When I grew up to be a big, strong kitten, I came to live at the shelter.  I lived there for 6 months and for a while, I thought no one would ever want me.  This is a picture of me lounging around at the shelter.
Harley lived at the shelter for 6 months until he was adopted.

Now I am the Harley Quinn! I have lots of love and toys and food and beds and everything a Harley-cat might want.   Thank you for reading the story of me!
Now Harley is a happy cat!

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  1. Harley, I am even more in love with you than ever..I didn’t think that was possible. And I love this story and how your mom told it. xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Oh, thanks! Not many cats know the story of how they came to be!

  3. That iz a rilly good story of you Harley an I luv your pikchure wiv da hat, you looks like a moovee star!

  4. Thanks, Pandy! Harley is happy and proud!

  5. Harley that is a great story! You know everyone loves you so much I bet no one felt worthy of you.

  6. Harley, your story warms my heart. And like the first commenter, I adore the way the story was told. So sweet. If only all the kitties waiting in shelters could enjoy a happy ending like yours…the world would be a better place.
    xo Glogirly

  7. You are quite a lucky boy, Harley. You have found a perfect home and perfect sistercat.

  8. I think everyone must have known what a maniac he is!

  9. Oh, thank you! I wish every cat had a Forever home, too.

  10. Thanks, Pricilla!

  11. Hi Harley !
    It was very nice to read the story about you !
    My mom just LOVE your Harley cap and scarf !
    My mom has a check on 75 dollars that she can use in our local Harley Davidson store. I shall ask her to buy a cap and scarf to me too 🙂

  12. That’s an awesome story of how you came to be, Harley! I’m so glad you’re such a happy cat and living in such a wonderful forever home 🙂

  13. Thank you for telling us the story of how you came to be, Harley! We are so glad you have such a loving forever home now. 🙂

  14. Oh, thanks! Harley is very, very proud of his cap and kerchief!

  15. Thanks, Terrie! Maybe Harley is such a maniac because he’s so happy!

  16. Harley was very proud to share his story!

  17. How cool that we got to see what Harley looked like inside his Mommycat!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  18. Hi Harley ! We are all sayin Awwwwwww :)))))),,, Your momma waz a furry pretty girl and you and your brofurz & sisfurz sooooo Adorable 🙂 We gladz you got your Furefur home and such a wonderful family. We liked dat story :))
    Headbonkz dude ~ ^..^ x6 +1 xo

  19. Wow Harley, that is one heck of a 3-D ultrasound pic of you waiting to be born.
    Love the story. So glad mommeh found you. I think my all time favorite pic has to be when Daisy said aiiiieeee i lost my head when you two were um wrestling. And then when you had a bad fur day and the comments that went with it. Love you Harley!

  20. We loves your story Harley!

  21. Harley you are quite the man-cat, and you always keep your fur clean!

  22. Harley has a big imagination, but I am almost certain this demonstration is correct!

  23. Harley is glad you enjoyed his story. He likes telling it to everyone!

  24. Thank you, Helene! We love sharing our photos with everyone!

  25. Thanks, Derby and Ducky! Harley had fun telling his story, so we’re glad you enjoyed it.

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