Harley’s heartbreak




Molly leaves Harley brokenhearted

Professor Daisy has important tips for cats

Professor Daisy’s Tips for Cats:  I think Molly toyed with Harley’s heart! It is important to have many, many toys— the more the better. But do not get too attached to any one toy. Remember, they can always be replaced!

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  1. that was good practice for you harley. your suave side already is highly developed.

  2. One of Huggy Bear’s favorite toys has gone MIA. We’re convinced he took it into the garage and hid it. I think Mom and Dad are more concerned about it than he is, though. But there’s something about his swagger when he’s carrying that particular toy into the room like he just found the best prize ever.

  3. I’ve got some smooooooth moves!

  4. A really good toy is a joy forever. Or until it gets chewed up.

  5. We have Molly’s sister here and we love her too. They sure are pretty aren’t they. Harley, you have good taste. And she does make a great toy. Take care.

  6. Whoa, there is more than ONE Molly?!!!?!!

  7. dood…gurl friend two day, wife two morrow N ther goes your litter box, blankit, toys, treetz, purrsonal nap spot, yur ree cliner chair and on, N on, N on….

    stix ta bein a bachelorz….itz for de best !!

  8. Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for the good advice!

  9. Oh Harley … well never mind, there are plenty of fish … um … girls out there in the sea … of … girls … toys … What the heck DO I mean?


  10. Maxwell: Harley dood, girlz are ike that. Toyig wif you an’ stuff. We think you’d do better wif a WAND TOY!

  11. Selina, I think you’re confused about girls, too!

  12. Maxwell, you are very SMART!

  13. Maybe about species and bad metaphor-mixing …. MOL

  14. Harley, I think that Molly was a fake friend – look how stiff she is!

  15. I know how you feel, Harley, I love my toy too!

  16. Sparkle, I think you are RIGHT!

  17. Thanks TK!

  18. My favorite toy is a flat mousie , that I at the moment have NO idea where it is ??
    My mom-person say´s it´s most likely under the sofa 🙂


  19. Oh noes, I hope you find your flat mousie SOON!

  20. I guess mine was kind of a stupid post anyway.

  21. Oh Selina, I think you are very SMART and FUNNY!

  22. We think you can still be friends with Molly, Harley! There are lots of other girlcats (and toys) in the world, pal!

  23. O hai, Harley. Love is a funny thing sometimes. Maybe u could meet a nice girl cat the next time you go to the v-e-t. Say Meow to her and maybe she will to you! 🙂

  24. She was a little stuffy, anyway!

  25. Angel Keisha, meeting girls is HARD!

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