Harley’s thoughts on male vs. female cats


Testing, testing, testing, one-two-three, is this thing ON? I know you were probably expecting Daisy, but I can be a good spokescat, too. MALE cats such as myself are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. In fact, let’s talk about male cats vs. female cats.


I like manly toys, like this fishing pole. This could be because I have lightning-fast reflexes and really strong arms–check out my guns in this picture! When I play the fishing pole game, I like to RUN and LEAP and get lots of exercise. Daisy does not like to play as hard as I do. This makes me think that boys are BETTER.


Even though I am very RUGGED, I’m not afraid to show my softer side. For example, I am not embarrassed to cuddle with this pink catnip mouse toy. Actually, I love toys of every kind!


Another good quality I have as a male cat is that I enjoy cuddling, after I spend some time racing at top speed from room to room. And most importantly, I am quite handsome and I sport some pretty impressive whisker-humps.


Hmm, upon further reflection, I am not sure if these qualities are specific to male cats or just to ME. It could just be me that is so awesome. My advice? Choose the cat you love the most, male or female. Cats from the shelter (like me!) are especially good.

ps: Sorry, but I am already TAKEN!

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  1. One of each would be awesome!

  2. I’m handsome? Woohoo!!!

  3. I have been exercising my BRAIN a lot!

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