Have fun, but remember the meaning of Memorial Day

Daisy shares thoughts on Memorial Day

I hope you are having a nice Memorial Day today! Most of the time I’m all about having fun, playing with toys, eating snacks and just generally having an all-around Good Time (especially on long weekends). But today is actually a serious and important day, because it’s a day for us to commemorate the brave men and women who died in service to our country. So let us take a moment to pause and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could remain safe and have a nice holiday today.

Daisy would like to hear your Memorial Day plans

As long as you do not forget the true meaning of the day, it is still okay to have a good time watching a parade, having a picnic, or just lounging around the house in your pajamas all day. I am wearing my kerchief on account of I am hoping for some barbecue later today and I don’t want to get any sauce on my fur.

What do you have planned for today?



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