I Have Curly Fur!

Sometimes people ask me, “Daisy, why are you called a Curly Cat?”  The answer is that I am a Devon Rex cat, which means I have very soft, curly fur!   The Devon Rex breed is said to be intelligent and mischievous, and we are sometimes referred to as a “monkey in cat’s clothing.”
Devon Rex cats have soft, curly fur.
Here is a close-up of my curls.  The very first Devon Rex cat was named Kirlee and he was discovered in 1959 in Devon, UK.  The curliness in Devon Rex fur is caused by a natural mutation.  While most cats have guard hair, down hair and awn hair, a Devon Rex cat will have very little guard hair.  My fur usually goes every-which-way and I look sort of like a well-loved plush toy.
Devon Rex cats have very little guard hair.
Devon Rex cats even have curly whiskers! They are brittle and tend to break easily. You can see some of my eyebrows are broken off!  Devon Rex cats are supposed to have a strong chin and a short muzzle.
Devon Rex cats have brittle whiskers that often break off.
We have huge, elfin ears.   Look, even the fur inside my ears is curly and frizzledy!
Devon Rex cats have large, elfin ears.

My fur is not shiny like cats with straight hair.  Here is what I would look like if I had straight fur.   How do I look?
Daisy is pretending to be a cat with straight hair!

I wish I could let you pet me so you could feel my curly fur.  Um, and I also just like getting pettin’s!

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  1. I thought you WERE a well loved plush toy!
    I think you should keep your curly furs…you don’t look right as a regular cat. You are special just as you are!

  2. Thanks, Pricilla!

  3. Daisy, Mommy would love to pet you! Your frizzled ear furnishings are adorable. You remind us of a very plushy blanket that we all love.

  4. I love the term “ear furnishings!”

  5. Daisy, you are the cutest thing ever! I have a little rex rat who’s coat and whiskers resemble yours. She’s super adorable as well.

  6. i love your curly whiskers and furs! maybe someday i will be able to adopt a curly cat like you.

  7. Oh thank you! I’ll bet your rex rattie is very cute, too.

  8. That would be cool! There are even Devon Rex rescues.

  9. Dear Daisy,

    I just read your post to Bobby and Sasha. It was very interesting and we learned a lot about you and the breed of kitty you are. Why didn’t you mention your squishy belly? Bobby has one, too. He will be 14 1/2 January 6th. We like celebrating our half-birthdays. Sasha is 14 and 1/4 years old. They are half siblings and cousins, meaning they had the same father and different mothers, but the mothers were siblings. Very confusing if you ask me. Happy Holidays!

  10. My squishy belly is good for holding extra treats. Happy holidays to you, too!

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