If Daisy Ran 1-800-PetMeds Customer Service…

Daisy answering 1-800-PetMeds Customer Calls

PetMeds customers deserve only the best!

Daisy's catnip break-time calls

Catnip break-time is serious business

How would your pet run the workplace?

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  1. I see absolutely nothing wrong with how you run things, Daisy. I hope this means you’ll get a big promotion!

  2. MOL! Daisy, you’re too funny! But I’m not sure why you gave a discount to a woofie…

  3. Ha ha ha 🙂 Your way is fun, Daisy!

  4. Our biped used to work at a phone center. One day all the other workers were complaining that the work was too hard and she got mad at them and told them that Ollie da cat could do as much work as they did and still take a 30 minute nap each hour. Ollie was really popular after that but the biped, not so much.

  5. Daisy, I just wanted you to know that I’ve passed along the link to your new blogs on my facebook and on my google+. I hope tons more readers find you!

  6. Oh, thank you so much Debra! That’s awesome!

  7. I give discount to cats, dogs, gerbils, bunnies, ants and goats!

  8. Catnip breaks every 45 minutes!

  9. Cats will rule the world and the workplace!

  10. Psst… Daisy is there a special number where I can make sure I get you?!

  11. Oh, Daisy, how you make me laugh. “3 pennies.” Hysterical!

  12. It’s very smart of you to have a second career idea Miss Daisy, being a super model won’t last forever.
    Long tine Miss Daisy reader waving from Houston.


    p.s. I order from Petmeds for my 6 kittys too !

  13. ::waves:: to Jane, Kathy and Chey

  14. Daisy, I liked it!! Great idea to use Pet Med for your cartoon. I sure will share this on my FB page.

  15. We love that Daisy. NEXT CALL!

  16. Awesome Daisy. Kind of reminds me of my job. 7.5 hours break time, 30 mins work time. Works for me.
    You are TOO cute!

  17. Make sure you give 100%, Daisy. 10% on Monday, 20% on Tuesday, 40% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday and 10% on Friday…

  18. We like your head-gear. You look very important!
    ~ The Bunch

  19. You would make the BEST customer service representative EVER, Daisy!

  20. don’t know how Cody would react but you sure remind me of ME when I worked in Advertising at the newspaper 🙂

  21. Do you also have three-niptini lunches?

  22. We are going to have to have Meowm call when you are answering the phones Daisy!!!!

  23. Very well done, Miss Daisy. Now if I could just gets my mommy to takes her breaks and gives us a treat…

  24. Daisy I like your work ethic. EVERY company should be so lucky to have a customer service representative like you. As far as those treats go, how’s your supply of freeze dried salmon???
    xo Katie

  25. I have 5 dogs and 2 cats. I have purchased two of the litter boxes from you and all of a sudden the dogs are cleaning out the litter boxes. I feed the well and they get all they want to eat but if I get up at night and go to the bathroom, I better have shoes on because the dogs have scattered cat poop and the little pellets you have for litter. Why are they doing that and how do I make them stop? Please e-mail me with a answer. Thank you so much.

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