Introducing Daisy the Curly Cat

Hi, Everybuddy!

Hi, I'm Daisy the Curly Cat!

My name is Daisy.  A few of you might already know me from my blog, Daisy the Curly Cat.  I am a Devon Rex kitty. That means I have curly furs!  Even my whiskers are curly.   I am seven years old and I am very excited and happy to have my very own blog here, and hope to make lots of new friends.  We are going to have loads of fun!

Hi PetMeds, is my mom there?

My Mommeh’s name is Abby.  She works at 1-800-PetMeds.  I do not know exactly what she does there, but I think she gets to talk to lots of people about their dogs and cats.  One time, I tried to call her there, but I got in trouble, on account of I am only allowed to use the telephone in an emergency.  Apparently, ordering up some snacks is not an emergency.  If you call there and Abby answers the telephone, will you give her a message for me? Please tell her to bring home some cat treats.  Many, many, many cat treats.  Thank you.

My younger brother Harley

This is my younger brother, Harley.  He was born in a shelter, and we adopted him from the shelter when he was 6 months old.  Harley is 3 years old now.  Sometimes he is a maniac and does crazy things like playing with dynamite.   Usually Harley is a pretty good brother, even though he is always trying to ruin my Good Times.

Bert and Ernie

Oh, and these are my pets.  They are Mongolian gerbils named Bert & Ernie.  I am Not Allowed to play with Bert & Ernie, on account of I sometimes play too rough.  Once I had some pet sea monkeys and also my very own jumping beans.  They all got deaded though, even though it was not my fault.   What kind of pets do you all have?

See you soon! ~ Daisy

Until next time, purrs and sandpaper-y kisses to you!

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  1. OMG! Daisy, yoo and yoor mommy are going to be even more famus!

  2. Daisy you haz taken my harts! I luv U!

  3. Oh thank you! I shares my heart with you, too!

  4. Daisy – this is so exciting to see you here, making you a very famous kitty!! We’ll ask our meowmy to call and ask for treats for you, but also for us too, MOL!

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  6. Oh Daisy! I told your Mommeh four years ago you were going to be very famous and Aunt Teesa was correct! Congratulations to the most favorite kitty in the world. You are so adorable!


    Theresa & Joe and Bobby and the rest of our babies

  7. what is the breed of dog in the recent 1800 ped meds commercial?


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