How to keep your aging cat active and playful

How to keep your aging cat active and playful

Whheeeeeeehhhhh! I’ll bet you didn’t know I was so acrobatic. I love to leap, jump, and climb on things. You might be wondering, “How does Daisy stay so limber when she is 11 years old?!?”  I’ll tell you!

Daisy jumps5

Sometimes even I can’t believe all the stunts I do! If I could, I would join the circus as a Trick Cat. I’ve always loved heights and I’m a fearless jumper. But as I got older, my Mommeh noticed me slowing down a little. I didn’t want to tell her, but  my joints were getting a little bit painful. So I started taking a joint supplement for cats. Don’t worry, I don’t mind taking it because it tastes delicious! Within a few weeks, I was feeling much much better!

Daisy jumps2


At first I took Cosequin for Cats. It’s a pretty pink capsule that your mom or dad opens up and sprinkles onto your food. It tastes good! Lately I have been taking Joint Chewys for Cats instead. I like those even better because they’re just like eating a tasty, chewy treat. The only downside is that my brother Harley’s picture is on the front of the bag. When Harley sees me eating a Joint Chewy, he likes to say “Oh DAISY! I see you are taking my medicine!!!!” Usually I just ignore him, on account of he didn’t invent this supplement, he just modeled for it.

By the way, these Joint Chewys contain glucosamine, MSM and omega 3 fatty acids, which supports healthy functioning of the joints and connective tissue, while antioxidants work to reduce inflammation and free radical formation.

Daisy jumps3

As you can see, I still have perfect jumping form, and I can jump in any direction. You probably think that Harley is a good jumper, too, but you would be wrong. I am the only expert jumper in this family. Harley prefers to race around on the ground like a madman, but he almost never climbs or jumps on things. Although he certainly does get on my nerves!

Daisy jumps6

There you have it! Staying spry even at age eleven is as easy as chewing up some treats.

How do you keep your joints healthy?

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  1. Love your acrobatics!

  2. Oh thanks, I am fearless!

  3. You do have perfect jumping form, Daisy! It’s great that the Joint Chews allow you to stay active, and I’m glad you can jump high to get away from Harley sometimes 🙂

  4. Now that you mention it, maybe that’s why I’m such a good jumper. Lots of practice evading the Maniac!

  5. Daisy, you are so active for 11 – but then Binga is 14-1/2 and she is almost as big a maniac as Harley is!

  6. daisy….chex thiz out !!

    harley…lookin good dood ♥♥

    daisY…yur jumpin skillz bee eggs pert…grate form , motion and leepz !! ♥♥

    round TT we eatz cocnut oil 🙂 YUM !!

  7. definitely going to get Thompson started on the chewy things that Harley invented.

  8. Hmmm, there may be no hope for Binga or Harley to ever settle down!

  9. Haha, Harley cannot be an inventor because he is Not Allowed to have his own chemistry set.

  10. WHOA! Faraday has my posing down, perfectly!

  11. Oh, Daisy, so glad I found you. I LOVE the pictures of your flying jumps.

    So does Harley make you “jumpy”? Ha ha ha!

  12. Those chewy things sound good! That’s cool Harley’s pic is on the bag too!

  13. Daisy, I just ordered a bag for Shaggy. He takes Dasuquin for cats, but very reluctantly. He’s pretty picky, so I hope he likes your treats, and the picture of Harley!

  14. Wow Daisy, I’ve never seen anybody jump as good as you do. Your joint chews really seem to keep you limber. Sending you lots of hugs and please share with Harley.

  15. WOW , I´m impressed by your jumping skills , Daisy !!
    Me too LOVE to climb and jump on things 🙂


  16. Hi Simba! Jumping is a good way to get away from that maniac!

  17. They are really tasty! Harley always wants some, even though he doesn’t need them (yet).

  18. I hope he likes them, too! But if he won’t eat them, you can always get a refund so do not worry.

  19. Oh thank you Jean, I love hugs!

  20. Climbing and jumping is fun!

  21. Wowee, Daisy! Look at you fly! Those chewy treats sound delicious. Moosey takes Cosequin, but maybe he’d like to try those treats with Harley on the bag!

  22. Daisy your intelligence and beauty have always impressed me, now I must add agility and jumping skills too! MEWOW! My Clove and Kaspars were also impressed when I shared your photos, especially Clove who is a jumper too. The heights you jump from she does not have quite the confidence to though, she wonders if you are ever scared?
    Thank you for the information on Cosequin for Cats, I have ordered some for Kaspars, who at age 13 has shown signs of feeling stiff and is not as active as he used to be. I’m hoping it will give him relief and make him feel more like his former self like it has for you.

  23. Oops it cut me off, I guess maybe there is a word limit! Ms. Phoebe was a big fan of you and Harley and we spent many happy moments following your personal blog together. I will always cherish these times when I think of my best girl.

  24. I like Cosequin, too, but sometimes Harley eats my food so he gets it instead! Well, I’ll be honest. Harley gets a bigger portion, so sometimes I sneak over and eat his serving. He moves over and eats mine instead.

  25. You are so nice! I sometimes miss being a blogging cat.

    Once in a while, there’s something that I’m nervous to jump from and my Mommeh feels a bit sad, because I’m getting older and not quite as bold. But then I’ll make a GIANT jump from the kitchen counter to the sofa and she can’t believe how far I jumped without any hesitation.

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