Preparing for Halloween

BOO! Do not be skerred.  It is just me, Daisy!  I am busy preparing for Halloween, so I thought I would share some important tips so you can  have the best Halloween, ever!  Be sure to pick out a costume you will enjoy wearing.    I thought this  mask was pretty and sparkly, but it is a little bit hard to see through the eyeball holes.

Daisy with a sparkly Halloween mask

I think the very most important thing is to make certain you have a big enough goodie bag.  I have decided the ghost bag will hold more treats, so I kicked the pumpkin bag to the curb.  Um, sorry pumpkin.  While you are filling your treat bag, make sure you do not take any chocolates.   Chocolate is not good for dogs and cats.   I recommend filling your treat bag with Pure Bites freeze-dried chicken treats!
The ghost treat basket is the winner!

Be sure to work out your doorbell-ringing paw.  The more doorbells you ring, the more treats you get!  If you are a little bit tired, you can just stay at one house and ring the doorbell over and over again.  People love that!
Work out your door-ringing paw to get the most treats

It is best to wait until after dark for Halloween to start.  Harley usually starts waiting at about noon.  That can be very boring.
Harley likes to start his trick-or-treating extra early

Do not forget, if you get too skerred with all the ghouls, goblins, and ghosts that will be out, it’s okay to run off and hide under the bed for awhile.  Just be sure to tell your mom and dad where you are going so they don’t get worried.
Even the toughest pets get scared on Halloween

I will show you the costume I picked out for Halloween in a couple of weeks.  I cannot wait!  Have you picked out your costume yet?

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  1. We have the cheapest humom. She hit the dollar store again for our costumes. Ollie’s already tried his on. He’s got a camoflauge outfit. I sure hope she got a devil costume for Major. That would be a purrrfect fit.

  2. I think Ollie will look awesome in his camouflage costume!

  3. we do not has no costumes cuz He sayed She can not buy we any.

    I could wear mine coat for Halloween though!!

    But not Aswell cuz I do not letted he wear he’s coat too much. I can pull it off easy and so I do!

  4. I do not haz to wear a coztumez cauz I is blak CATZ….I wear coztumez al yearz long!

  5. Kali, I think your coats would be a good Halloween costume. And it will keep you warm, too!

  6. Black cats are cool!

  7. We don’t think we will be wearing costumes, but we have heard Meowm discussing at least a tie for us.

  8. I think a tie would be easy to wear! Maybe you can find an orange Halloween tie that would match your furs!

  9. Daisy I din’t rekonize you but I can see you smiling under that mask an it iz pritty, still I thinks I will nawt ware a mask. Also I will send Mr Boots trix or treeting so I can stay home an napz.

  10. Daisy u look beautiful in ur mask! we have little orange and black bat wings and cute bat ears for Halloween this year…. im not sure if we’ll enjoy wearing them but because our mum made them just for us we will at least let her put them on us. I wont garentee that we will be good models though…. Hee heeee
    Love Turtle, Meggie, Louie and Loki

  11. Ooh, Edgar loves those freeze-dried chicken treats. I think there might even be a new bag of them at home!

  12. At midnight you can remove your mask! You’re both so cute! ”Love,


  13. Ollie! I have a black kitteh, too! She looks very Halloweeny when we stand her next to pumpkins and hay bales. But the pumpkins sometimes scare her and she becomes a fraidy cat! Daisy, you are right! Black cats are cool!

  14. Oh Daisy and are so adorable, bith of you. I love your costume Daisy and Harley, noon is a bit early sweetheart.

  15. Thanks, everybuddy! I love Halloween-time, and I am so excited to show off my costume this year!!!

  16. Daisy, I am a long haired calico, I iz bootiful to. What costume would you recommend?

  17. that was a very cute Halloween post and your costumes are adorable!!

    I was dressed up as a Cowboy last week (I think it was Wednesday) you should go over and check it out 🙂

  18. My silly mom packed my costume away and now she can’t find it! Any suggestions for a new costume for me? I was a lion last year.

    Your pal, Pip

  19. That was a great post Daisy!! We hope Mom is to busy this year to put costumes on us!!! You and Harley look pretty cool in your costumes and we love the paw technique for ringing door bells!!
    Your TX furiends,

  20. Good idea, Pandy!

  21. Just make sure you get lots of delicious treats for wearing the costumes!

  22. We calico cats have the perfect fall-colored coats! Maybe you could wear a pretty halloween kerchief?

  23. Thanks, Caren! I will check it out!

  24. Oh Pip, I remember your cool lion costume from last year! You would look cute in anything you decide to wear. Maybe you could be a monkey!

  25. Thanks for the tips, Daisy! Glogirly loves your sparkly mask. I find masks somewhat uncomfortable so I hope she doesn’t get any crazy ideas. Can’t wait to see your costume. I’m preparing myself for the inevitable ears that Glogirly will surely be wearing again. The ears. I can hardly think about them.
    xo Katie

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