Reduce feline stress with one simple gadget

Daisy thinks of ways to keep peace

Well, my earlier idea to keep Harley occupied with the catnip sardines did not work out exactly the way I had planned, but I have not given up my quest for some peace and tranquility. After all, I am no longer a spring chicken and  Harley is getting on my last nerve. But I have hatched a new plan that I think will work!

Daisy demonstrates the diffuser

I got this new Feliway plug-in diffuser. This one is meant for MultiCat households like mine. The box says it creates a calming environment and it is “Proven to help reduce tension & conflict in multi-cat homes.”  All you have to do is pop the Feliway bottle into the plug-in diffuser and stick it into an outlet. It releases soothing pheromones just like the ones released by mother cats that help to maintain a harmonious bond between kittens and their mother. This sounds like just the ticket!

Daisy hears Harley

I think I hear the Harley-maniac now. Quick, quick, let’s go plug it in!

The Feliway diffuser is installed

The diffuser should be plugged into the room in which we spend the most time. I put this one in the bedroom! Now I’ll just wait for the tranquility to begin. Do not worry, no one except cats can smell it so it won’t stink up the house!

Does Harley feel calmer from the Feliway MultiCat

I moved  Harley’s bed closer to the diffuser just to be certain he gets a lot of it. So far, so good! This one unit will cover 500-700 square feet and last for 60 days. Now I will just sit back and enjoy my Feliway Harleyaway vacation!


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