Some cats are not ready for romance


Did you all have a happy Valentine’s Day? I enjoy any day that celebrates love. Did you know that I was in love once? It was with a special cat named Skeezix. He had to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but I have lots of special memories of him, as well as this beautiful catnip heart he gave me one year. My brother Harley has never had a girlfriend. Harley decided that he might be ready for romance, and he asked me for some assistance.


The first step is looking sharp. I selected this Valentine necktie so you can tell that Harley is businesslike but also has a playful side. Lookin’ good, Harley, but something is missing…


This catnip cigar is just the right touch, and now he looks quite distinguished. I believe the girl cats will soon be swooning for Harley!


But wait, what’s happening? He has reverted back to the Harleymaniac! Harley, can’t you act mature for even ONE minute?!? No girl has time for that.


Sorry Harley, I tried my best to help you. I hope you will be happy with your catnip cigar for companionship. Better luck next year.




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  1. Daisy love! Harley love! You two are the best, and you’re such characters.

  2. Daisy the Curly CatFebruary 16, 2015 at 9:13 am

    Ah, thanks, I am blushing!

  3. Harley, we have the purrfect girlfriend for you. Her name is Two Two and she is also a maniac at times. She would love to be your girl. And she is Black and White too. Sure good to see you two. Take care.

  4. Hi Two Two! Do you like to run around real fast?

  5. Harley and Daisy, you are both you both!

  6. Daisy, we remember your love affair with the wonderful and infamous Skeezix. You were definately a match made in heaven. Harley, those cigars make us turn into Wild Things too. Don’t feel badly.

  7. Sandy, you are nice! <3

  8. I will never forget Skeezix.

  9. Harley you are so devastatingly handsome in that tie. And Daisy girl, you are looking gorgeous as always – stunning, even! Love to you both!

  10. I am handsome?!?! WHOA! Thank you 🙂

  11. Somehow I get the feeling that Harley is perfectly happy being alone with his catnip cigar!

  12. Summer, you are very perceptive!

  13. We know some lady cats who would be purrfect girlfriends for Harley! One of them is named HARLEQUIN, and she is waiting for her forever home at the shelter where we volunteer. She loves to be a maniac, too. And even your names are almost the same! MOL!

  14. She sounds beautiful!

  15. daisy & harley, we iz never reddy for roe mantz either coz furst itza date, then sum onez takin over yur toys N sayin lid up, lid down on de litterz box….but like next yeer if ewe both want we could bee valentinez…& eat fish samiches !! ♥♥♥

  16. Fish sammiches?!? That’s my kind of celebration!

  17. Harley, you are a very beautiful fellow. I know there is one special girl out there just for you. Maybe she will see this story and come and leave a message for you. Sending lots of hugs and love to you and Daisy.

  18. Gee, thank you Jean!!

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