The best thing you can do for your cat

Preventive care is important for cats, too.

Today I am wearing my lab coat because I have something serious to discuss: your cat’s health. I know, no one enjoys going to the doctor, and especially not cats. But did you know that a study found that more than half of owned cats had not been to the veterinarian in the last year? National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day is Saturday, August 22nd, so this is a great time to remedy the situation.

Vaccinations only pinch a little bit

You are probably thinking, “But Daisy, my cat hates going to the vet!” This might be true, but cats are experts at hiding illnesses. Dogs are much more likely than cats to get regular veterinary care, maybe because dogs seem to whine about every little problem! If you wait until your stoic cat actually appears sick to take him or her to the vet, you’re missing the chance to catch an illness before it develops or becomes worse. Routine, preventive care such as annual exams and lab work can detect potential problems early. Besides, I know from experience that needles only pinch a little bit.

Daisy tries to be brave at the vet's officeHere I am at my last veterinary appointment trying to be brave. The doctor weighed me, examined all of my parts, and took some of my blood. Here is the embarrassing part: he emptied my anal sacs. Yuck! The bad news is that I had to get my teeth cleaned later that week. But the good news is that I am in overall pretty good health. I’m very proud of myself. And I got extra treats that afternoon for being so brave.

Harley is scared of the vetOn the other hand, Harley was NOT so brave at the vet’s office. But he still got extra treats.

Do not be afraid of the vet

Even though your cat would probably prefer some catnip, new toys or a nice scratching post, the very best gift you can give your cat is the gift of good health. Even I sometimes hide when something scary happens. But being sick is much scarier than a simple veterinary visit. I hope you will take my advice and schedule an appointment for your own cats to see the vet if they are past due for an exam.

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  1. I heard the vet say he was going to empty the “sacks” and thought he meant he was going to take out the trash. That was a terrible mistake on my part.

  2. Very good advice!!

  3. I am very happy to be of assistance!

  4. Hm. I’m due for a check up right around this day! They say there are no coincidences!

  5. Summer, maybe the day was created especially for you!

  6. Great advice! My parents take me and my sister every year!

  7. I have to go every couple of months to get my anal glands expressed. I complain loudly when I go, but it sure feels better when they’re done. My mommeh took me today for shots and anal glands. I’m hiding now. I’ll pay her back by not letting her near me for a few days.

  8. I’m happy to hear that!

  9. A few hours of the Cold Shoulder is always a good idea.

    ps: I agree, it does feel better once those pesky sacs are “expressed.”

  10. HAY !!!!!!!!!!! veree happee two see ewe N harley again daisy…we haz missed ewe guys !! hope all iz well with ewe both ♥♥ sorree ta heer ya had two go two de …ewe noe wear place…..but happee ya getted a good ree port…though yea, treetz wooda been WAY better ~~~~

  11. I’ve missed ewe, too! <3

  12. Pumpkin and Blacky are both very brave. But they still hate getting into their carriers. Got something for that?

  13. I hate getting into my carrier, too! Except, once I’m at the vet’s office, I don’t want to come out. The best course of action is to leave the carriers out so Pumpkin and Blacky can go into and out of them and not associate the carriers with the vet. Put treats and toys in there! Spraying the inside of the carriers with Feliway can sometimes help, too.

  14. Murphy was a good boy at the v-e-t last time. Hee hee.

    Luv, Angel Keisha and Murphy the Poodle

  15. Dear Daisy, I had been putting off taking my cat for her annual checkup, but thanks to your prompting I made an appointment. Good thing I did – Megan was just diagnosed with diabetes! Thankfully we were able to get her started on a treatment plan right away. Thank you for the timely reminder.

  16. I am so happy you brought Megan to the vet, and I hope she’s feeling much better soon. You’re a good mom!

  17. FYI, Megan also has to get her “glands” done on a regular basis. She hates it too, but feels better afterwards.

  18. Seriously?…

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