The Harley Monster

OHAI! It is me, the Harley Quinn!  This was my Halloween costume from last year.  I was a shiny blue monster with EYEBALLS on STALKS!  My costume for this year is a big secret.  (I am going to dress up like a Banana!)

I am a monster!

Last week, Daisy said it was a mistake for me to start preparing for Halloween too early.  But I know, the early bird gets the worm!!!   This is the same as saying the early cat gets the treats!  I know any minute, children will be coming to my door bringing me treats  to fill up my basket!

Waiting for Halloween

This is my treat basket.  I cannot wait until it gets filled with treats this year.  My friend the Raven is going to help me collect the treats.  I asked him when the children will arrive and he would only say nevermore! That Raven might need a good watch.  Nevermore is a LONG time from now.

Nevermore treats?!

Daisy told me that I made a very big mistake.  She said I am supposed to give out treats when the children come to my door.  This does not sound like as much fun.  Rats.

Daisy breaks the bad news

Professor Daisy Professor Daisy’s Tips for Cats:  On Halloween, you have to give candy to the children who come to your door.  What kind of treats are you going to give out this year?

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  1. Harley, you make me laugh which is a big treat!

  2. Thanks, Pricilla. Harley thinks his purpose in life is to make his friends smile and laugh!

  3. Hehehehehehehehe!! Harley you are one cool cat and we agree!! We should get the treats not give them out!!
    Your TX furiends,

  4. Who made up those Hallowen rules, anyway?!?

  5. Harley, I shall be very surprised when I see you dressed as a banana…

  6. Harley has not quite grasped the idea of “secret” yet.

  7. HAHAHA! Harley we can’t help but love you. You may not be as bright as Miss Daisy, but you say what you feel and feel what you say. We agree…the kids should be BRINGING treats to the houses. Salmon and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to be specific.
    Katie & Glogirly

  8. Harley we can’t wait to see you dressed up like a banana! Madison and Keegan

  9. Harley! We can’t wait to see you dressed as a banana! Oh…we’re sorry…it was supposed to be a secret, right??

  10. We buy whatever candy that WE like so that, if there’s any left over, we can eat it!!!!!

  11. Give them cookies! Everyone likes that.

  12. Harley, Admiral and her Mamma are simply in love with your precious self. I hope the children DO bring you treats, Tell Mr. Raven to fly away!

  13. Ha ha ha…you crack me up Harley! I hope you get lots of treats on Halloween. I can’t wait to see you in your costume 🙂

  14. Thanks, Katie and Glogirly! If nothing else, Harley is earnest.

  15. Harley hopes you find him “appealing” in his banana suit…

  16. If you pretend to be surprised, Harley will never know the difference!

  17. That is a great idea!

  18. Keisha, my Mommeh bought chocolate, which is no fairs, since I cannot have any!

  19. Admiral, I think Harley is still dreaming that the children will bring him treats to fill his basket this Halloween…

  20. Terri, Harley will be happy if you act surprised when you see his banana suit!

  21. Well, we think you should be given Temptations for Halloween! Those are the best treats ever!

  22. both of you deserve treats AND TOYS

    big bonkiebonks

  23. Harley we can’t wait to see the ‘nanna costume!

  24. I remember this outfit Harley and you look spectacular. Your Mommeh and Daddeh always give you good costumes to wear. We are going to give Kit Kats for Halloween Treats. Or, chocolate meows. Ha.

    Love Aunt Teesa

  25. Congrats on your post Harley! Great job and costume! I bets you’re going to dress as a banana to try to entice some monkeys because you like theese ones! I hope it works!

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