The Harley Monster

OHAI! It is me, the Harley Quinn!  This was my Halloween costume from last year.  I was a shiny blue monster with EYEBALLS on STALKS!  My costume for this year is a big secret.  (I am going to dress up like a Banana!)

I am a monster!

Last week, Daisy said it was a mistake for me to start preparing for Halloween too early.  But I know, the early bird gets the worm!!!   This is the same as saying the early cat gets the treats!  I know any minute, children will be coming to my door bringing me treats  to fill up my basket!

Waiting for Halloween

This is my treat basket.  I cannot wait until it gets filled with treats this year.  My friend the Raven is going to help me collect the treats.  I asked him when the children will arrive and he would only say nevermore! That Raven might need a good watch.  Nevermore is a LONG time from now.

Nevermore treats?!

Daisy told me that I made a very big mistake.  She said I am supposed to give out treats when the children come to my door.  This does not sound like as much fun.  Rats.

Daisy breaks the bad news

Professor Daisy Professor Daisy’s Tips for Cats:  On Halloween, you have to give candy to the children who come to your door.  What kind of treats are you going to give out this year?

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  1. Harley! Thats a great costume! You’ve got my cat beat!

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