The important things you need to know about football

Daisy is ready for football season
Are you ready for some real football? Pre-season football is boring, on account of it doesn’t matter if your team wins or loses, so I am very excited and happy that the regular football season is starting. In case you cannot tell by my apparel, my favorite team is the Miami Dolphins. My team has not done their best in the last few years, but I am hopeful that this will be the year the Dolphins win the Superbowl! Since your favorite team cannot always do well, it is important to learn good sportsmanship. 

Daisy follows the play closely
First, focus closely on the game so you don’t accidentally boo when your team does well or cheer when they actually did poorly. If you are too busy talking or eating snacks, you could miss an important play! It is fine to wave your paw in the air during exciting plays, and you can even wear a big foam finger.

Daisy does not always agree with the call
Sometimes it might seem like the referee made a bad call; after all, everyone makes mistakes. It is acceptable to look on in disbelief, but do not ever throw things onto the field or at your TV.

Sometimes it is hard to be a good sport
When your team wins, I recommend doing a Happy Dance and cheering wildly. It is very sportsmanlike to tell fans of the other team “Better luck next time!” after they lose. And if your own team happens to lose, you do not have to smile about it. I wish everyone’s team good luck (unless they are playing against the Dolphins.)

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  1. da tabbies o trout towneSeptember 8, 2015 at 10:07 am

    daisy…we iz CRACKIN UP…at yur look oh dizz bee leef !!! 🙂

    we wood like ta see sum fish type teemz win two…ore maybe
    one oh de teemz named for de big catz like de bengals or de lionz
    …da pantherz ore de jaguarz….

    we could say de marlinz two but we think they use a diffrunt
    kinda ball !!

    ~~~~~~~~~ waves two harley…heerz two a grate week a head ♥♥♥

  2. As long as a BURD team doesn’t win, like Ravens, Cardinals, Seahawks, right?

  3. My hoomin likes to watch the tee vee too. Her fabrit team is the Gi Ants. They have blue hats.

    Luv, Murphy the Poodle and Angel Keisha

  4. You are very lucky your team has a nice color!

  5. You look great in your team colors!

  6. Oh thank you! Harley wanted to wear the jersey but it barely goes past his armpits.

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