When Harley Met Molly

Harley meets Molly

Harley is smitten

Harley Flirts

Harley learns the sad truth

Tell us about your pet’s special friend!


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  1. Oh Harley! Well at least it won’t butt you like Abby butts me

  2. You goats are so silly!

  3. Oh, Harley. How could anyone play hard to get with you? I would take you in an instant!

  4. The Harley Quinn has a lot to learn about love!

  5. Oh, Harley!

  6. Awww Harley, we know any ladycat would love to be your girl friend.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Harley, I would love to entertain you. Come on over..I not hard to get. (I’m married but try not to fink of dat).

  8. Is ok Harley, they pick on me about red-mousey too. They will never understands our forbidden loves!

  9. Harley, I have a pink snake that I sleep with all the time!!
    Your TX furiend,

  10. harley, I have a pink beanie baby names curtsy that is my BFF. I got her when I first got here so I was about 6 weeks old. And I carry her around, I talk to her, sleep with her, play with her. i get upset when she doesn’t respond sometimes. I also get mad when Samba tries to play with her as she is my special friend…

  11. Thanks, everybuddy! Harley is thrilled with your show of support.

  12. Ahhh, Harley…I know Daisy says Molly is a plush toy. But I feel I must point out that Molly is wearing LAB COAT. That is not a good sign. Not good at all.
    xo Katie

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