Will Model for Treats!

You may already know that I am a famous cat model.  I was even on a Hallmark greeting card a couple of years ago! Here is a part of the Proof from my card with signatures from the Hallmark staff.  That coconut bra was a little bit hard to wear.

My Hallmark Card proof

I actually enjoy modeling.  What is my secret, you ask? TREATS! I am very, very motivated by treats, and I will do almost anything for delicious treats.

Nom, nom, nom

I learned how to do a High Five using treats and clicker training. 

High Five!

Since I know I always get treats for modeling, whenever I see the camera come out, I run towards the camera and automatically start drooling!  I’m sort of like a Pavlov’s cat.  If you look closely at many of my photos, you might be able to spot some drool.   I also learned that when I do High Five, I get treats, so I’m always waving my paw around hoping to get rewarded. And it usually works!

Drooling Daisy

Here is another trick I learned to do using clicker training and lots of treats: I can play the toy piano!  The next thing I would like to learn is how to drive a car.  This might be hard to learn since I am not allowed to eat in the car.  Oh, and I do not have my Learner’s Permit. Yet.

Sometimes I take song requests

What would you do for delicious treats?!?


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  1. We love watching you model Daisy! You are the best!

  2. Treats are powerful motivators aren’t they?? Congrats on the Hallmark Card and let me know when your next piano recital is, I’ll make plans to be there..

  3. I slap the foods out of the mom’s hand. MOL – Miles

  4. Thank you, Chey!

  5. They sure are! Harley prefers to model using toys.

  6. Miles, that’s a great idea!

  7. Hiya Daisy!
    My treat of choice is freeze dried salmon. mmmmmm.
    So far I’ve not let on to my girl that I can perform tricks. I’m keeping it on the hush-hush, low down. But I’m with you! I want to drive a car. If Toonces can do it, so can WE!
    xo Katie

  8. Toonces is my hero! Except for the part where he crashes the car…

  9. You’ve definitely figured out the treats tricks, Daisy!

  10. I would do NOTHING. Just give me the treats and no one will be harmed.

    Love, Cody

  11. We bet you will be driving in no time!

  12. When you learn to drive, come up here and visit us!
    Bob and Patrick would especially like to see you.
    ~ The Bunch

  13. Another great post, Daisy! You play the piano well!

    You have the most expressive face, especially in the presence of those treats!

  14. Thanks, everybuddy! I will let you know if I get my Learner’s Permit… so you can get off the road!

  15. I do a few tricks fur treats, specially the spinning I taught Mom. But her says I nip her fingertips! Not my fault, I say. Gimme more treats an I won’t be so desperate fur them.

    PS We finded yur card at a Walgreens an buyed it.

  16. You are cat perfection Daisy!

  17. Daisy, you are too funny! Glad to see you’ve expanded your audience 🙂 We just hope someone has the smarts to get you a talk show. Well, you know.

  18. Zippy tried driving…it didn’t end well. Maybe the two of you could learn to drive together.

  19. Awwwwww!!!! Daisy we love your modeling pictures and you play the piano very well!!
    Your TX furiends,

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