Surprising ways pets are affected by relationship troubles

Surprising ways pets are affected by relationship troubles

Moving into a new home and a new neighborhood is for most people a very stressful event. My recent move was prompted by a few changes in my family dynamic. No matter how much my wife and I tried, we were not able to make it work. After many discussions and tears, we both agreed it would be best to part ways. Our children are grown up now and are […]

Stop Your Dog from Pulling You on Walks

Leash pulling is common among many dogs, and while it can be annoying to you, it can also be detrimental to your dog’s health.

Bella Talks About Keeping Calm Under Stress

Hello everypawdy, it’s me again, Bella.  In just a few short weeks we will be celebrating another birthday, and America will be 237 years old!  The July Fourth holiday is a time for families to gather around the BBQ or the campfire for some really pawesome cookouts and everypawdy has a grand time…except for some of us pets who go totally zonkers at the sound of fireworks.  More dogs run […]

The Trouble with Brothers

Kitties, I am going to discuss a serious subject with you: irritating brothers! My own brother Harley is a prime example. He is always trying to ruin my Good Times.

I Am Ready For Independence Day!

The 4th of July is just two days away! I already have my Independence Day suit, but I am missing one thing to have the very best holiday, ever.

My Pet is Afraid of Thunderstorms

One of the more common annoyances seen by canine and feline guardians is the development of thunderstorm and other noise phobias. Strangely this symptom may develop at any age, and can present in a wide variety of ways. Some pets will become fearful with trembling, restless pacing, and sometimes hiding. Other times pets will try and escape from and run away from home, even going through glass windows sometimes in the […]

Managing Anxiety in Pets

Managing Anxiety in Pets

Much like people, pets may experience variable periods of anxiety.   Causes of anxiety in pets may include environmental stresses or changes, including  moving to a new home, as well as adding other animals to the household. Anxiety may also result from emotional or physical abuse, or may be secondary to physical disease present anywhere in the body. Finally, some pets simply have an anxious genetic predisposition.Any pet that is suffering […]