PetMeds® Managing Dog Arthritis Pain

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints and such inflammation can have many potential causes from genetic anatomic defects such as hip dysplasia, infectious diseases such as tick-borne Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Ehrlichiosis, to various lupus-like immune caused inflammation of the joints. Any of these potential causes can result in varying degrees of swelling, heat and painful stiff movement of affected joints. What’s interesting to note is that many […]

PetMeds® Using Joint Supplements with Pain Pet Medications

Clients are often asking if there are alternatives to some of the expensive prescription nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs such as Rimadyl or Previcox that their veterinarians often prescribe for acute or chronic joint or back pain. While such drugs have truly enhanced the quality of life of most pets in terms of pain relief, client concerns about expense and safety of long term use of such drugs often lead them to explore […]

PetMeds® Winter Arthritis Pain in Dogs and Cats

The arrival of winter will often exacerbate a person’s joint and back aches, especially cold, damp weather, and we often see pets with a susceptibility to back or joint issues often exhibit symptoms in the winter months. This can include varying degrees of limping, stiffness, weakness, and pain.  Many pets will often be reluctant to jump up or go up or down stairs, or go outside in the cold weather. Certainly […]

PetMeds® Herbal Arthritis Treatment

With the increased interest in complimentary veterinary medicine and more holistic treatment options for pets, one of the most rapidly growing areas in veterinary medicine are the use of supplements in augmenting management of many common canine and feline chronic health problems.  One of the top growing areas is the use of such supplements in helping manage arthritis. In addition to some of the wonderful newer and safer prescription nonsteroidal […]

PetMeds® New Joint Therapies for Dogs

One of the newer aspects various joint and arthritis treatments in small animal veterinary medicine involves the injection directly into the joints and areas of inflammation. While there are occasional side effects that can occur, such as secondary infections (if a sterile technique isn’t used), I believe the benefit of anti-inflammatories, or other various healing joint medications has a superior advantage in many cases over taking joint supplements.  Some of the […]

Joint supplement for dogs and cats: Super Joint Enhancer

Joint supplement for dogs and cats: Super Joint Enhancer

Many years ago there was a book written for people called The Arthritis Cure.  The book describes how a nutritional supplement such as glucosamine can often dramatically help many people with arthritis and degenerative joint disease. It was found that this type of supplement could often significantly cut down on the amount of prescription drugs need to control painful arthritis symptoms. Over the years we have also used this type […]

Relieving your dog’s pain with Deramaxx pet meds

Relieving your dog’s pain with Deramaxx pet meds

In recent years, there have been many newer non-steroidal anti inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) available in reducing pain and discomfort for our dogs. Sometimes this pain is associated with dental or surgical procedures, while other times it is with acute orthopedic/back problems or more chronic degenerative joint diseases and arthritis. Unlike many earlier drugs of its class including aspirin, and other prescription NSAIDs, Deramaxx functions in blocking what are known as Cox […]