Bella returns to television in a new 1800PetMeds commercial

Hi everypawdy! It’s me– Bella. I have something super exciting to share with you all! After two and a half years since my first PetMeds commercial, with a few others in between, something really PAWESOME is about to happen! About two weeks ago I got a call from my peeps at PetMeds.  *pretend phone ringing…RING RING RING* “Hello? ….Yes, this is Bella….”

Bella takes part in National Dress in Blue Day!

Hi everypawdy, it’s me again, Bella! This year, National Dress in Blue Day is Friday, March 7th. It was first recognized in 2009 to bring attention to colon cancer by the Colon Cancer Alliance. It also celebrates all of those who have been affected by colon cancer, like my furrend Bill who lives across the street from me.

Bella shares 5 Valentine tips for pet safety

Hi everypawdy *Bella waves paw* It’s me, Bella!! It is Valentine’s Day today, and I have not just one, but FIVE great Valentine’s day tips for your pet’s safety today! Today is a big day and sure to be a curious one for your pets because there are some new and exciting things going on all at the same time. There is sure to be candy, and lot of it. […]

Bella struts her stuff at Strut Your Mutt-LA

As the Pombassador of Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, I get to attend a lot of fundraising events that benefit homeless pets everywhere. This is the fourth year that I have been able to attend Strut Your Mutt, a nationwide fundraising dog walk for pets and their people to save the lives of shelter pets. Sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society, the walk is held in major cities all across America. […]

Bella Prepares For Her First Live Q&A With PetMeds

Hi everypawdy!! It’s me, Bella, again. PetMeds has invited me to do a Live online Q & A session, just like Dr. Dym gets to do on the PetMeds Facebook page, so all of my PetMeds fans can ask me any question they want to ask. I have been preparing for it all week, wondering what kind of questions I would be asked.

Bella Trains For A New Job: Therapy Dog, Part 2

Ever since I became the Pombassador for  Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, I have gotten used to lots of people petting me and wanting to hold me. I’ve been a pretty good sport about it, and I like it when people are nice and want me to sit on their laps. Now that I am in Therapy Dog training there is a whole new world that I am being introduced to. […]

Bella Trains For A New Job: Therapy Dog, Part I

As the Pombassador for Southern California Pomeranian Rescue, I get to go lots of places and meet lots of people. Ever since I was on the 2011-2012  PetMeds TV Commercial I am recognized everywhere I go, and people want to say hello and pet me. It was at some special events that Mommy noticed people in wheelchairs who could not get up close to me because there was usually a […]